Blue Calcite and…Anxiety


I have just spent a fortnight in the company of this rather gorgeous Blue Calcite nugget and we got along famously!

I’m going through the perimenopause, that transitional stage a few years before the menopause which is now starting to get talked about more. Which is a good thing as it is time for the shame to BE GONE! Along with feeling a lot of hormone imbalance (to name a few examples I have on occasion – irritability, hot flashes and a general feeling of meh!), I get the odd bit of anxiety and have found Blue Calcite to be a real friend in the last two weeks.

I have carried the crystal around with me and used it, in effect, as a worry stone when needed by squeezing it in my palm for distraction and just generally playing with it absentmindedly whilst doing other things. I have also meditated with it on my forehead and, right from the start, I felt its gentle energy calming me down and surrounding me with images of a beautiful white sandy beach and the sounds of waves lapping at the shore. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I was grateful for the tranquility.


This particular crystal is very angular in its natural state as you can see from the photo above and it is worth getting a nugget sized piece which fits snugly into your palm rather than a tumblestone so you can feel the ridges and texture. It is also far more tactile in this form and lovely to work with. The duck egg blue is perfect for the throat chakra and is said to help with communication with others. Having the stone to squeeze whilst dealing with hormonal teenagers was certainly an unexpected plus 😉


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