Quartz Cluster and…Spirit Guides


Everyone loves a quartz cluster! It seems to be fairly normal for people to buy one of these, or a quartz point as one of their first crystals (and rightly so as quartz is a fabulous first crystal companion) but, in fact, this is my 66th crystal! I had been searching for the right one and picked up this beauty in a local shop which has a single cabinet with some very special crystals within. The owner hand picks every piece and displays for our viewing pleasure. Just the type of place to go when you are first starting out as there is nothing more daunting than going to a designated crystal shop with hundreds of crystals.

I went on my first visit to one of these designated shops in Summer 2015 and, even with a years experience under my belt (and several Mind, Body and Spirit fairs and tense bidding on eBay!), I was pretty overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Great if you know what you want for the selection of individual crystal types alone but if you are a newbie you can come out with the sparkly crystal which caught your eye and leave behind the one which might have captured your heart. It’s a good idea to do some research online beforehand and go in with a list rather than taking a chance of buying something you don’t need at that point.

There will always be ‘another’ crystal but, in my experience, working with one at a time is the best way to really let a new sparkly being into your life and get to know it on a personal level. Meditating with one crystal every day for a couple of weeks will give you a good insight in to how you feel about it and what it can do to help you personally. Of course there are plenty of books on the subject and there is no harm in picking one up to get a starting point (and ideas for that all important list when first starting out) but crystals work with the individual and what a particularly crystal does for one person isn’t necessarily what one of its brothers or sisters will do for you. As I have said earlier, I have a fairly decent collection of crystals already but I haven’t worked with all of them yet. When choosing one to work with I let my intuition guide me and then I simply spend some time with it. If possible I carry it around with me, play with it idly when I am catching up something on the TV and, of course, it is with me through every meditation.

On the day I bought this particular quartz cluster I had a choice of five types of quartz in front of me. I held each one of them for a few minutes to connect with their energies and, as soon as I held this beauty, I knew I had found ‘The One’.

This Quartz cluster from Brazil is, for me, rather a power house for accessing spirit guides. I found a video on YouTube by http://www.talkingspirit.com offering a meditation to connect with your spirit guides and, for me, it worked.

I used headphones for the meditation and placed the cluster on my forehead. I also put a piece of Blue Calcite at my throat (blue stones are said to be good for communication if placed on the throat chakra) and held a Smoky Quartz cluster (said to ground the user) in my hands over my solar plexus chakra. I then protected myself by envisaging a white light all around me to keep the negative energy out and I was good to go. As the 30 minute session progressed I had the best session ever in my numerous attempts over the last year to access my spirit guides in form rather than energy. When the meditation got to the part of meeting my guides I waited for the nothingness of facial form which usually greets me and was fairly resolved to it not working but I was pleasantly surprised this time and it gave me food for thought. An in-depth topic for another time, perhaps?


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