The Little Bottle Of Wonder


This one has to be passed on!  I got this little bottle of wonder a few months ago and haven’t been without it since. It helps with:

  • Meditation
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Calming
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • PMT
  • Menopause – emotional problems such as anxiety
  • Insomnia

It smells of peppermint and leaves a cooling effect on the skin. I put it on my temples, back of neck and across my forehead then cover my nose with my hands and deeply breathe in the comforting aroma.  It’s fabulous and works wonders on tension headaches. Soothing and blissful it gives an energy boost to the day when I find myself in need of waking up.

This is the best of this type of product I have come across and I am recommending it to friends and family alike.  At £14 a bottle it may seem on the expensive side but a little goes a long way.  I’ve used mine regularly for the past four months and still have some left. Just to be clear, I have no affilations with this products manufacturer. I just love it, it has helped me and I wanted to pass it on to all of you.

Do yourself a huge favour ladies and get some ;)

For reviews and more information click here

Medical disclaimer – Please read


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