Have You Tried Aromatherapy?


Feeling stressed? Anxious? Wired and unable to sleep? Skin not clear? Need to unwind after a long day? Headache? Got a cold? These are just some of the things which aromatherapy oils can soothe. They aren’t just for floaty, spiritual types like me (!) they really can make you feel comforted. Anyone who has had an aromatherapy massage will be with me on this and, not only that, the majority of the oils smell divine.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert, I have zero professional qualifications in aromatherapy.  What I can do is give you the benefit of my years of experience using them on myself and my family. I use aromatherapy for a teenager’s odd blemish, hand cream, exam tension, wonderful relaxing baths, as a ‘pick up’ when fatigued, to refresh the house using oils in a diffuser (better than a chemical spray!) and in many, many other different ways.  It’s become part of every day life and it really does work for all members of my family.

Here are a few examples of the recipes I use frequently. The quantity of oils quoted are what I have personally found to work best but do seek the advice of a qualified practitioner before making and using these yourself.


For a cream for use on dry, cracked hands/feet –

60ml of 100% pure organic cocoa butter

5ml oil (almond, coconut or olive)

5 drops Benzoin

5 drops Lavender

2 drops Thyme

Melt in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water, add the oils and put in a separate 60ml jar.  Leave in fridge until set. Scrape off a small amount with your fingernail and melt in your palm and then massage it into hands or feet. Smells wonderful and it works in a just a few days on overworked hands in the winter.

For a relaxing bath to drift away from stress –

Half eggcup of unscented foam bath

4 drops Lavender

3 drops Neroli Dilution 10%

1 drop Vetivert (very strong smelling and rather a peculiar smell at that but it is used as a base for perfumes! Added in with the other oils it does its job in soothing the mind very well).

3 drops Geranium (optional but I just love the smell!)

Pour foam bath under the running tap, add the oils, swish and get straight in to ease those worries away.  You can also add the same amount of oils to a separate 50ml bottle of foam bath and use it as a shower wash.

For relief from headaches and migraines –

Rub a couple of drops of Lavender and Peppermint into your temples and across your forehead. Alternatively, you could use Rosemary or Eucalyptus on a damp, cool flannel and apply on your forehead. I tend to let my nose (or their nose) guide me when deciding which ones I ‘need’ to use. It’s important to let the person having the oils applied decide which oils out of the appropriate ones they like the smell of best.


Want a natural skin tonic for normal skin?

100ml Orange Flower Water

1 drop Neroli

1 drop Orange

Put the oils in the flower water, give it a little shake and use on a cotton wool pad swept over face as needed. Smells wonderful, does the job and no nasty chemical additives.

Using good aromatherapy oils is essential and the best UK online site I have ever used is Calmer Solutions Ltd.  Their oils are very reasonably priced and I have found them to be of a good quality.  They also supply base products (massage oil, cocoa/shea butter, foam bath, flower waters) and they have a good stock of containers too.

The best books out there in my opinion are The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood and Aromatherapy A to Z by Patricia Davis.download


Give aromatherapy a try and add a little of nature’s tender loving care to your world 😉

The usual common sense advice – Always try on a very small area first, just in case your skin doesn’t respond well. Some of us are sensitive flowers:-)

The disclaimer – All my recipes are shared with the understanding you try them at your own risk and consult a qualified practitioner. Do not use aromatherapy oils if pregnant unless under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.


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