Stress Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!


You know those days when you just can’t be bothered?  Where you start a task only to come round from a graphic daydream about George Clooney and realise you have lost fifteen minutes thinking about his haircut?  I can’t get motivated and I have so much I ought to be doing! The phone is ringing off the hook and everyone wants a piece of me. I just don’t know what or who to deal with first and I can feel the icy shreds of stress beginning to make this ‘one of those days’.


I’ve tried the self pep talk. I got up and did some arm exercises by making a cup of tea. I spruced the cushions and checked for dust on the surfaces. I took a slow wander around the garden and stood and appreciated the birds in an attempt to still my thoughts.

Ten minutes later and I am still more unsettled than a gazelle who has wandered off and just clocked the pack of lions.

I find myself looking at all the positive tweets on Twitter and doing the ‘grumpy old woman’ grumbling to myself about being happy clappy this early in the week and wondering if a spot of shopping would lift my mood or simply cause more stress when the bill arrives.


Should I berate myself for moping about in a stressed out mood, plaster a smile on my face and pretend everything is rosy? Should I allow the guilt of showing my current feelings eat me up and make me feel inadequate?

Ha…no way!

I think it is okay to have a mope sometimes as long as I keep it mainly to myself. I think it is okay to have doubt and to take time out to reflect too. It is unrealistic to think we can all be bouncing balls of joy and positivity 24/7 because it is a task most of us will fail at miserably, feel guilty about and end up making ourselves feel so much worse about in the short term.


So I say this…allow yourself to have a bad day, go with it. Do the things which you know make you feel better whether that be listening to music, taking a lunch break walk in the park, going for a jog or whatever it is which helps you re-group and relax. Take the time out to just ‘be’. Promise yourself a worthy treat when you leave the office or if you are lucky enough to be at home when the doldrums strike then leave the house and go out for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.


I am going to turn the phones, computer and gadgets off, put the headphones on and meditate for an hour. Then I am going to start this day again with a fresh outlook, U2 on the iPod dock and write a list of what really needs doing today and what can wait until tomorrow. After that whittled down list is completed I am going to have a half hour aromatherapy bath and hang the rest of it for today.

Sometimes you just have to be ‘unavailable’ for a few hours to restore your balance.


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