Susan Paget…The Change Guru


There is a wonderful lady called Susan Paget who is a real inspiration to those of us approaching midlife. Susan is an ex-TV producer and is an American living in Australia. When her life in media became too stressful she knew something was happening to her but didn’t understand what. Being an intelligent woman and not one to sit down and do nothing, she scoured the internet and slowly begun to realise her symptoms weren’t those of some disease but were the signs of perimenopause.

Susan was determined other women would have resources to turn to when they also began this new stage in their lives so she started The Change Guru website, podcasts and YouTube channel. I found her nearly a year ago when I was searching for information on the grey hair transition and I now really look forward to what she has to say next on all aspects of life over 40. She is informative and motivational without forcing ideas on people and I have found her to be very friendly and approachable too! Her ethos revolves around helping ourselves and embracing this change in our bodies. She has two books out aimed at women in midlife –


Amazon UK

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Amazon UK

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Check out Susan Paget’s website for some helpful and very workable advice on all aspects of midlife. Susan gives top ideas on life changes on her website. From empty nests to career changes, Susan has it all covered. And if you are feeling really adventurous she has a Soul Revive retreat being held in Provence, France coming up on 6th June 2016 – check out this link for more details.

Susan is also an advocate for ditching the hair dye and her initial reason for doing so may surprise you! She has written a book on the subject and you can find out more on her website.


Amazon UK

Amazon US



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