Waiting Not Imploding


There are days when positive thinking goes to pot for me (I have never claimed to be perfect! Haha!) and I wallow in a bad day or even a bad week but I accept these days on the whole and crack on when they have passed over.

Yesterday is a perfect example of the above. I was looking out of the kitchen window into the garden whilst I waited for my lavender pillow to heat up in the microwave (loving perimenopausal migraines!!) and there, just on the fence, sat a very cheeky looking robin. I watched him for a while as he went to and fro. He waited patiently for a pigeon to clear off so he could get back to his nest and he sung out his pride and defiance as his mate answered him back with a few words of her own.

I thought to myself ‘what a simplistic but very worthwhile little life he has’.

He knows his purpose, he knows instinctively how to do it and he goes off and gets it done – despite the local felines, pigeons and human beings (who decide to cut back the foliage which hides his family from harm – thank you so much, good neighbour!). In other words, whatever the day brings he eventually carries on. He doesn’t perch and worry when there is a setback. He doesn’t ‘what if?’. He doesn’t start ruminating.

He just waits patiently for the shadow of the pigeon’s wing to pass overhead and then he gets right back to it – stress free and with purpose.

Human lives are a little more complicated than that but, rest assured, the shadow of your own pigeon’s wing will eventually pass over and you will see the Sun again. Sometimes it just takes a little patience and time 🙂


8 thoughts on “Waiting Not Imploding”

  1. You are so right – Life really is very simple and for some reason humans seem to make it complicated. I’m trying to get back to ‘simple’ and re-prioritising what’s important as I head through the Autumn to Winter years…

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    1. ps – I love the title of your blog – it resonates well with me! Autumn is full of colour and that’s what I’m working on – more colour in my life moving away from ‘all work and no play..’ x

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      1. Thank you, Wendy! This time of our lives as women brings unique challenges and sometimes they can be difficult to come to terms with. I am hoping the perimenopause part of my blog will give those women who read it the confidence to know it is all a natural progression, that they aren’t alone and that there are things to try which might ease the transition. I really do recommend meditation and mindfulness.

        I also wanted to share some of the times when life gets the better of me too just to show it is okay when it does 😉

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    1. Hello Sharon! Thank you, I am delighted it had such an effect *smiles*

      Grateful for the follow and I have reciprocated after I read your About Me…great stuff, looking forward to mooching around your blog in detail. I hope your day is a fabulous one! Namaste.

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