Springing To Life!


We just had a bank holiday weekend in the UK and, judging by the queue for the tip, several of us stuck the gardening gloves on and got outside to tend to our patches of life-giving soil.

The smiling chap in the photo above is standing guard over our new herb garden and hopefully will see fit to bless us with a good crop this year.


In the greenhouse we started the chamomile and borage early and they have been transplanted out. Borage doesn’t usually like to be messed with once comfortable but in a week this one doubled in size much to my surprise!

We have gone a little crazy this year and seeded the ground and/or pots in the greenhouse (depending on the herb!) with fennel, chives, marjoram, thyme, oregano, mint, tarragon, parsley, coriander, onions, peas, potatoes and more. There is even some dill out there somewhere and a good excuse to eat some salmon if ever I needed one. Then there are the pots of rosemary and lavender et al who are established residents and reaching for the sunshine again.

Look at these spuds!

I am looking forward to having plenty of homegrown herbs about the place this year. I am so lucky my man is equally as keen to turn our garden into a more and more magical place as each year goes by. I applaud him and give him my gratitude for the work he has done so far.

It’s amazing what you can pack into a small garden! What are you growing this year?

P.S This morning, two days after I took the above photos, the borage has flowered! Wonderful!



9 thoughts on “Springing To Life!”

  1. I spent a few lovely hours with my two gorgeous granddaughters planting out a large barrel tub to create a ‘fairy garden’ to add a touch of magic to our garden. It’s standing outside my ‘brilliance within’ summerhouse which is also a magical space I love to spend time in. A place of complete peace and tranquillity where I can sit and enjoy nature.. I’m very tempted to add plant some herbs now – I do have lavender but the idea of the smell of mint etc. sounds lovely – yes definitely happening – so thanks for inspiring me.. x

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    1. Aww, children do love to get their hands in the soil…and the rest of themselves too sometimes hehe! My own granddaughter helped in the greenhouse with some seeds a few weeks back and had lots of fun watering everything in sight 😀

      Your idea of a fairy garden tub sounds wonderful! So many children have their electronic devices stuck to their palms and I do agree it is so important to encourage this new generation to delve into nature. What better way to spark their imaginations by giving them a place to BE (tactile and textured) rather than a place to escape to on a screen?

      Thanks for your comment and many blessings!

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      1. I’ve found that giving them the opportunity to play outside really sparks their imagination and they love it (that’s not to say they don’t play on the computers as well….). That’s what Nanny’s are for – showing a bit of variation in life! x

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