Cuddling Up With Rose Quartz


The soft pink hues of rose quartz remind us of love, comfort and joy and the energy this wonderful stone snuggles us with gives us exactly those things in my experience. Rose quartz helps you to forgive yourself and reminds you to nurture yourself. It will also help when your hormones are making life difficult, particularly when used on the heart chakra during meditation.

This chunk of goodness was gifted to me as a child. I can’t remember who by unfortunately as it was so long ago (!) but ‘she’ has been with me for decades and has followed me from place to place, a constant companion through the good and not so good.

Rose Quartz has such a gorgeous energy so giving your full attention to a textural palm-sized piece such as this by playing with it in your hands is the ideal distraction when you are having a bad day. Just be with it and enjoy those peaceful vibes.

Hear my thoughts on my YouTube channel on the crystal I go to for a hug and also a few words about using crystals in general. This short video was one of my first videos made on a phone before I learnt that wasn’t the best way to do them (!) but the message is still there and true 😉

The energy of crystals is a very personal one, from person to person and crystal to crystal. A book on crystals will give you a good starting point but take the time to get to know each piece you own and make your own mind up. Once I have bought (or found) a crystal or stone which appeals I sit with it for a while and over a few weeks I let myself become accustomed to the energy it shares with me and decide for myself what that means.

*As always, do go and seek guidance from a qualified medical practitioner if you have a specific ailment or you are finding the symptoms of perimenopause difficult to cope with.*


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