Hello and Welcome!


It’s been a week now since I pressed ‘publish’ on the blog and made it available for all to peek at so I thought it might be time for me to say ‘Hello!’ 🙂

I have been on WordPress before under a very different hat and, after a year’s break, I decided I would come back with a brand new blog and share the things which are from my heart namely helping women through the perimenopause with self-care techniques and sharing my knowledge of crystals, reiki, meditation, mindfulness and aromatherapy. I also hope to share with you my love of ancient civilisations and lost knowledge…more on that in the future.

I struggled with the name of the blog at first as I am not focussing on one discipline. Then I realised it was all about ‘the now’, who I am at this time of my life and what I can offer to hopefully be of service to others on a similar path of self-discovery.

I am really enjoying connecting with you. I have already followed and talked to some wonderful people this week who are sharing important, thought provoking knowledge on their own blogs. I hope to do the same here for you and share what I know.

So I welcome you all to the autumn of my life. This is me in the present moment – mother, grandmother, healer, knowledge seeker…and human being 🙂



I would love to hear what you think...

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