Letting It All (Hang) Out


I’ve just spent an hour singing with my hairbrush as a mic. Yep.

There I was, at a bit of a loose end but fairly conscious despite the hour of day, and so I decided to put my ipod on song shuffle and before I knew it something by Depeche Mode came on and I was gone. Well gone.

I have shaken my hips to all kinds tonight. To name a few – Velvet Revolver, Scissor Sisters, The Cult, Erasure, Queen, A-ha, R.E.M, Puddle of Mudd, Meatloaf, Marillion, The Killers, Guns N’ Roses and…um…a stray Carmina Burana which slipped itself in the mix and which I went with as I conducted.

Did me the power of good. Thoroughly recommended.

I’ll apologise to the neighbours in the morning…I will make it clear I have had a strong word with the teenagers about keeping their music down…cough. 😀



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