Polychrome Jasper – The Stone of Dreams


I felt really drawn to this gorgeous Polychrome Jasper when I felt it waving frantically at me on a shelf in my local crystal shop…how could I resist? 😉

Also called the Stone of the Desert it is one of those stones which is perfect for using during meditation as a visualisation stone. If you look at the photo above you can see there’s a desert sunset just waiting to be enjoyed. Maybe even a sandstorm or a welcoming blue oasis in the sand.

After I bought this stone I worked with it for a few weeks and found it gave me wonderful dreams which I could recall in the morning. Now, whenever I am in need of clarification over any dilemma, I put this in my pillow and it brings an answer during the night.

Here is a video on my YouTube channel about Polychrome Jasper where I share my thoughts on this lovely stone 🙂


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