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Chamomile.jpgChamomile – Background Information And History:

Chamomile (aka Camomile) is one of the world’s most popular and widely recognized herbs. It comes from the family of plants known as Asteraceae or Compositae. The part of the plant typically used in herbalism are the flowers, which are sweetly aromatic and have a bright yellow center with white radiating petals closely resembling those of a daisy.

Originally, the word, Chamomile, was derived from the Greek, chamaimilon, or “earth apple.” In Russia, Chamomile is the national flower. [1] [2] There are several species of Chamomile including German or Roman and others, which are unrelated botanically speaking, yet both contain a blue-colored oil containing the plant’s active constituents. [3] The plant is used mostly in herbal teas, medicine, perfume and condiments. It is indigenous to Europe and western Asia. [4] The FDA includes Chamomile…

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2 thoughts on “Chamomile”

  1. I love cham; she’s one of my oldest spirit-friends and my first plant ally. She was instrumental in my adult shamanic calling — the healer of my shamanic illness, a stomach ulcer that hadn’t responded to the medicines available at the time.

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    1. I’m really looking forward to working with my own supply this year. The one we planted out next to the borage is going great guns (Springing to Life article). Interesting fact from the Chamomile article that it is said to be a plant which nurtures others as the borage has doubled in size in a week too…maybe that is why!

      Thanks for your comment, Maia, and I hope your day is a fabulous one.

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