Sleeping Humanity


We have all heard of myths and legends. Stories of ancient times when heroes fought dragons, a great flood wiped out mankind as they had become corrupted and magicians wove the ether to name a few. Could there be some truth to these tales and what can they teach us?

Many myths and legends have warnings behind them. Stories passed down to tell of great deeds or dark times, usually both. Every indigenous culture (as well as the well-known bibilical story) has a tale of a Great Flood. A flood which wiped out most of mankind and which is now seen (depending on whom you ask) as an event caused by a divine being because of human corruption, the effect of a ‘planet changing’ catastrophe from space such as an asteroid or simply the end of the last Ice Age where melting ice resulted in planet-wide raised sea levels. Maybe it was a bit of all three, nobody really knows. But it happened and the world changed as the people knew it.

In times gone by it seemed to be easier to have direct access to your chosen God and all manner of spirits and elemental beings. It was more acceptable to have visions, premonitions, sightings and one-on-one conversations…as long as you were careful not to annoy the wrong people in which case…well, history speaks for itself, with Socrates being a fine example. Go back in time further still and it seems it was expected that more mystical experiences would happen. It appears to have been part of normal life, welcomed by all.

Angels fought side by side with the victors of war – which could just be the victor’s way of saying the right people won in their opinion and their God was on their side. None of us were there to see this in action, so who knows? The people didn’t just win on their own merit, they always talked of the help they received. Just as the magician was often seen to be in touch with darker forces and the wise woman burnt as a witch despite having helped to safely deliver the accuser’s perfect baby a few months before or cured the village by handing out medicinal herbs.

So why is our society often so intolerant these days to stories of encounters with angels and spirits? Is it simply because it is no longer the norm to have these encounters because human beings are more concerned with matter than spirit? Or is it because it is just seen as in the imagination because it can’t be proved? Where are the myths from 100 years ago, why are they all in the distant past?

I lean towards the theory that many people largely ignore their more spiritual side in favour of matter – the material side. Science is the accepted discipline these days. Everything must be proven beyond question or it does not exist and does not ‘matter’. I think the people who take this view so strictly are missing out on a valuable resource…their own spirit or soul, if you like, and the ability to experience greater knowledge of self and the world around them. The ability to taste an experience to its full flavour rather than just eating mindlessly. To live just as our ancestors did when they were one with the land, seasons, the cosmos and Mother Earth. Never taking more than they needed to survive and respecting the land which fed their families. The world at large has lost this attitude and really needs to get it back.


I can’t prove Reiki works but I have seen that it does. If it is the placebo effect then so be it, it does it for me and many others. A person who feels better for it isn’t complaining either and why would they? If I want an internal conversation with myself and feel I get guidance from my higher self or spirit guides by a ‘feeling’ that doing or not doing something is the right course and this is proven to be right, then so be that too. I hold a crystal and feel energised by it in a certain way and the result is a positive interaction which enhances my life…I can work with that. This list could easily go on. I believe everyone can engage with this side of themselves. Is this an inheritance we simply forgot about? I believe it is.

I personally get a lot out of embracing my spiritual side – comfort, happiness, a second opinion, useful interaction, inner peace and more. I am happy and grateful to embrace the old ways and work with nature’s gifts of plants, crystals, stones, trees and the universal energy. The journey of self-discovery I have made in the last twenty years or so has made me a different person. It has softened my edges, helped me grow as an individual and given me something special to believe in and work with, for myself and many others. It’s given me powerful tools to help myself and not to sit waiting for something to intervene and do it for me. Not power over others but self-empowering myself.

With yoga, meditation and mindfulness finally getting the recognition they deserve there may be hope word will spread and everyone will start to look inside of themselves and around themselves for spirit instead of outside at matter and the latest material possessions.


I read an article recently which said some schools in the UK and USA are now including meditation for the children in their teaching day.

I really love that *loud applause*

This gives me hope.



9 thoughts on “Sleeping Humanity”

  1. A book I finished reading recently touched on something I find fascinating (and am still thinking about more than the book went into it) and that I believe has direct application to this subject: Our changing relationship to the spiritual having to do with our changing concept of what imaginary means. Formerly, that word simply meant something that wasn’t *physically* real. It could be real in other ways; it simply wasn’t in the flesh. Today, imaginary means fake, not real in *any* way. The change is so dramatic that the word imaginal has come into use to fill the gap. The fundies next door would call the spirit realms I journey in imaginary (and that would be the most polite thing they’d call them) because they wouldn’t believe they’re in any way real. I call them imaginal because I do.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely believe in the spirituality of life and have been doing meditations with my granddaughters since they were babies – they love it!

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    1. That’s wonderful, Wendy. Such an important and useful skill to pass on and it will serve them so well!

      I think meditation should be part of school life every day for every child. It would do wonders for the new generation and would make a huge difference to how they view the world and how they cope with it…such as that difficult time around puberty when they are finding themselves for a start.

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      1. I agree – my granddaughter asked me about our ‘calm and relaxed’ routine – she’d asked friends at school whether they loved having a ‘calm and relaxed’ time with their Nans and was surprised that nobody else knew what it was. You’re so right – schools could benefit so much from teaching/learning meditation and it would indeed give children a great ‘coping’ mechanism for life.. x

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  3. Really enjoying having a look around your site! I recently started doing yoga and read an excellent book on Mindfulness which has changed my world- I wrote a few posts on Mindfulness and how this is being incorporated into Schools as well as used for treatments for some long term illnesses and even in the military- have a look at my blog if you get a chance 🙂 Goldie Hawn also started a foundation in the US which is about Mindfulness and bringing programs into schools which I think is a great idea. Looking forward to reading more posts 🙂

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  4. We all possess a form of life energy known or best described as spirit. This life energy (source) enables us to connect to our Creator and the universe in order for all beings to serve their intended purpose. While every living being created has this life energy, not every being’s life energy is meant to serve a “divine” purpose. For this reason, some individuals will never have a more fluid connection to their Creator and the Universe.


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