Pink Tourmaline – The Crystal For Perimenopause Symptoms and Emotional Rebalancing


When those pesky perimenopausal symptoms kick in and the PMT-like symptoms descend THIS is the crystal I turn to.

Pink Tourmaline has a wonderful energy which radiates joyfulness and loving vibes. It is a balancing crystal and helps with any emotional turmoil.

I use this crystal on my heart chakra during meditation and it leaves me centred and ready to continue with my day.

The emotional symptoms of perimenopause can be very difficult to cope with, for those suffering from them and those around them. A woman may feel more anxious about life, unsure of herself, irritable, aware of her advancing age in many negative ways and extremely tired due to insomnia and nocturnal hot flushes, to name a few symptoms. Click on the link above for more details.

If you feel you might have started this journey yourself and things are a little overwhelming then do pop along to your GP. It is a natural process but there is no need to brazen it out and suffer unduly. It may be with you a long time and there are ways to help you cope and get you through the worst of it. This is a time of life where you need to look after yourself. Eat healthily, pamper yourself and find something to do which gives you happiness and satisfaction. Check out Sue Paget’s YouTube for motivational inspiration and classes. This is a new chapter not an ending 😉

Here is my YouTube video with my thoughts on Pink Tourmaline 🙂



6 thoughts on “Pink Tourmaline – The Crystal For Perimenopause Symptoms and Emotional Rebalancing”

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sharon. Unsurprisingly, I absolutely agree!

      Do you use crystals on a regular basis? I use a singing bowl to cleanse my own crystals. I’m in the process of completing a short article on the many ways I use this sound energy.

      Time for my bedtime now. Many blessings.


  1. I did not know this about pink tourmaline! Amethyst is my go to, for healing, but I will look for this. I have to wait a bit, my husband thinks I have quite enough crystals.

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    1. Amethyst is a good all rounder to have, it works well with other crystals too and, of course, a cluster can be used to cleanse smaller ones such as a Hermiker Diamond.

      I have to admit I have rather a lot myself (over 80!) and decided recently I didn’t need to purchase anymore for the time being. I have a selection to choose from for most things and…may also be running out of room (and shelf!). Still, they are part of a catalogued collection of spiritual disciplines I will pass down to my children…which sounds very grand but which will hopefully be an enjoyed and useful legacy 🙂

      My articles are written from the viewpoint of my own personal experiences with a certain crystal. I like to spend time working and experimenting with each one to see how its energy effects me and then write it up for future reference for myself and for my descendants to add to. Pink Tourmaline has been really helpful for me with my ongoing journey through the emotive web of perimenopause.

      There will always be another crystal but I have made a pact with myself I will buy no more until my notes are complete for each and every one. I have been good and kept to it thus far… 😉

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