Singing Bowl Uses and Healing With Sound


This chap is my wonderful singing bowl, made in Tibet. At six inches across he is a perfect fit to sit in the palm of my hand and plays beautifully!

I work with this bowl to cleanse my crystals, my chakras, my house and before and after a Reiki healing session. I also use it in my meditations. It was bought for me as a birthday present after a few hints to my man. So much more than just a pretty object!

A daily chakra cleanse keeps them tuned up nicely, especially if you do a lot of energy work as I do. I start every day with a tune up using my bowl whose perfect C note is just right for centering and cleansing. I get comfy in a sitting position, close my eyes, clear my mind, tap the bowl whilst setting my intention and then run it up and over every chakra until I feel I am ‘cooked’.

For a house cleanse I will open all the windows and then tap the bowl gently in each room a couple of times whilst asking for a cleansing and setting the intention for any negative energy to leave.

I highly recommend getting one if you have quite a few crystals as using one to cleanse them is a quick and effective method. I put one crystal at a time in the bowl, start it playing and then focus on my intention to cleanse my crystals of any negativity or just to refresh them. Then I tap three times on the bowl, leaving the sound to play out between each tap. Gently though! Otherwise you may find it yelps back at you… 😉

I will leave you with this transcript of Dr Abd’el Hakim Awyan, ancient wisdom keeper, talking about his knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians (the Khemitians) from a documentary serialised on YouTube called The Pyramid Code. The transcript is noted down by a non-English speaker so it can be a little difficult in places but the messages are there and are a good measure of what was said in the documentary (which I have seen) about sound being used for diagnosis and healing. It makes an interesting read and I highly recommend watching the documentary itself if you so choose to do so.

These days I personally put a lot more trust in the knowledge of an indigenous wisdom keeper than I do someone who comes along thousands of years later and makes a guess. I think Egypt has a lot more to share with us and her truth remains very veiled. See what you think yourself.


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