I have just returned from my usual morning ramble around my plot of soil. It shouldn’t take too long as it can be paced out very quickly but I tend to squeeze what I can out of it by really looking instead of glancing distractedly. Being in the present moment and all that jazz 😉

I do love a morning routine. I think it’s my age although paradoxically I find I tend to attack my days with a light ambling motion rather than at high speed as I may have been more prone to do in my ‘yoof’. Those days consisted of an organised routine accompanied by a panic between jobs on a list if things took too long. Now I am pure Zen naturally…always…cough. Moving swiftly on…


I also find I am more drawn to twee. Had you told me a few years back I would develop an acceptance of and attraction to pottery tortoises and straw wheelbarrows with flowers I would have laughed heartily and slapped you on the back with some force as I congratulated you on your wit. Now, I quietly change the subject in mixed company and slip back into the closet as stealthily as possible. I draw the line at gnomes in case you are wondering.

There appears to be growth in the herb garden with several patches like the one on the left above. Unfortunately I am uncertain whether this will result in herbs or weeds. That’s the trouble when one throws seed about in wild abandon, you can end up tenderly thinning out dandelions and the like. Which is fine if you want some dandelion heads but not so good if you are after a bit of mint for your tatties (potatoes for those of you not native). So it looks as if we wait and see.

The photo on the right looks more promising. I say that because it has been chewed and it’s not a bad idea to take a snail’s word for it…even if it has scoffed most of the nibbles before the drinks were served. Bad manners, I call it.


In other news, the Chamomile is starting to flower…oh yes…the potatoes have taken over the greenhouse, the Japanese Maple has sprung to life in its full glory and we are going to be living off fennel even if nothing else shoots up.

All in all, the sweet smell of success!

I am now off to Reiki my herb garden…and try not to think ‘weeds’ 😉





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