60 Second Facelift or Miracle Snore Cure?

Over on Wendy’s Brilliance Within blog there is news of what might turn out to be a double whammy gadget…I like it already!


Ok so I’ve been using the – 60 second face lift from Aldi.. for several weeks now and to be honest, it’s difficult to say how much of a difference it’s made to my face because I’ve been losing weight at the same time.

I was worried that being ‘older’ and losing weight may show as extra ‘sagginess’ on my face and neck and so far so good – it hasn’t! How much that is down to the face lift gadget though is difficult for me to say for sure.

What I can tell you though is that I think it has really helped my SNORING!!!Yes – as much as I’m horrified to admit it, I think I was the Worlds Loudest Snorer – it woke me up on numerous occasions let alone my poor long suffering husband….. (I know what you’re thinking – ‘Ladies don’t snore’ – well I’m clearly and

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