Black Tourmaline – Grounding, Balancing, Protecting


Ooh I do love my black tourmaline! The one in the photo above is from Australia, in my opinion one of the best places on Earth to get Black Tourmaline from for quality and energy.

This stone is perfect to use for grounding and protecting yourself. If you are feeling washed out and spacey then a cuddle with black tourmaline will bring you back to your balance and tune your chakras.

It can be used for protection against anything negative such as other people’s negativity towards you, electromagnetic negative energy or for working with the spirit world.

I surround myself with a spinning pyramid of white light and put this stone between my feet when doing any sort of energy work or meditation to help keep me rooted to the ground and protected so I can ‘do ma thing’ in confidence.

It can also help support you physically, find out more in my video below 🙂



11 thoughts on “Black Tourmaline – Grounding, Balancing, Protecting”

    1. I have indeed. It was one of the methods I used for cleansing crystals before I started using my singing bowl for clearing and cleansing. I go back to sage still for room cleansing when I feel the need of a deeper clean and in fact did the house of one of my daughters the other day as she had just moved in.

      Thanks for your question…do you use it yourself?

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      1. That’s great! The reason why I asked was because I used it last summer for the first time when we moved into a new place. Just to make sure everything is clean and good vibes, but a few days after I got very sick and unfortunately came very close to not making. As much as I loved the cleansing process, a part of me has become very superstitious about it. So when I got back home after the hospital, I threw the rest of them away! 😦
        I have never read anything negative associated with them, and always amazing and great things, that’s why I wanted to know if you have ever heard/experienced a storm after cleansing. I would love to do it again, but after what I went through, the superstitious-ness of it might make me to never try it again! 😦


    2. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. I can’t tell you if it was to do with the smudging as I can’t make that sort of judgement. I have heard of sage causing respiratory problems for some people. I always open all the doors and windows first and keep them open for a while afterwards too.

      Do you use incense sticks? If so you can cleanse with these just as easily. Do the above with the doors and windows and the usual grounding yourself first and then go from room to room moving the smoke using your hand as a fan (and having something fireproof underneath for the ash, of course) and asking the house spirits to clear negativity and fill the house with joy and love. Thank them when finished. I let the incense stick burn itself down afterwards.

      It is your intention and mind focus which is important here. The smoke will carry away any negativity present (through the doors and windows) but your pure thought intention is the key to success, not the tools you use to focus that intention…although, of course, they do their job by increasing your focus in themselves.

      If respiratory problems are troublesome then you can also clear a house by popping a small clear quartz in the four corners of each room, being sure to cleanse them and charge them every few weeks or when you feel it is needed. Personally I like a rose quartz in each room too. Again, as you lay them down, set your intention for them by saying a few clear words out loud and give gratitude afterwards.

      The above is what I do and have done myself. I hope it helps you. Many blessings.

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      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such great recommendations!! I had opened all the doors and windows and none of us had any respiratory issues. I might have just been exhausted from the move and the sickness was just a conecidental timing with the cleaning! I love the suggestion about the rose quartz! So I will definitely give them a try! Thanks again for taking the time to write me back! 💖

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  1. Black tourmaline is wonderful. I have a small piece and it’s a stone I gift to friends when they’re going through stuff. Lately I really can tell when I need to pull in my energy, and B. T. helps me keep what is mine, mine and dispel what does not belong

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