Merlinite – The Knowledge Seeker


The above beauty is a piece of Merlinite I picked up at a local crystal shop. Not to be confused with Mystic Merlinite which is a different beastie. This comes from a mine in New Mexico and it is a variety of dendritic opal.

After working with this stone I found it really assists me get to grips better with all the esoteric and metaphysical books I read. It helps me assimilate the information quicker when I idly play with it in my hand whilst reading and it seems to help me to correlate with other texts and remember more from the first read too. Bonus, I think.

It is said to be a stone which enhances psychic development and gives a greater understanding of those concepts which need deep thought and clarity. I would agree with this. It is also said to be a shamanistic stone but I have no experience in this area so I can’t confirm or deny that…perhaps someone reading this has and can 🙂

I buy a new crystal or stone only if I am drawn to it these days and this was one I bought around October last year when my new rule of asking myself – ‘There will always be another crystal, why do I need this one?’ – came into being. It has been one of my best purchases and now every reading session will find me holding this stone to encourage my increasingly aging grey matter to step up.

This little fella buzzes with a motivational energy and an old soul vibe. If you are studying ancient knowledge or anything of a metaphysical nature then I highly recommend getting a piece.


16 thoughts on “Merlinite – The Knowledge Seeker”

  1. I had a tiny piece of this years ago, when all it was called was dendritic agate. The one I had showed no opalescence. I’ve never used stones as part of journeywork; I find them by their nature too grounding for that, regardless of type (though some are more so than others). They’ve always been physical healing tools for me, and the agate’s most reliable use was to heal sick plants: Drop the stone in the pot with the plant and let it go to work.

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    1. Thanks for your shamanistic viewpoint, Maia, I hoped you might see it and comment.

      It is interesting how, once we get to know a certain piece, we use it in our own way. For me this will always be my companion when studying difficult texts.

      In my opinion books will get you so far but you have to work with an energy yourself and then decide what you will tap into that energy for. I don’t always feel the same as a book says I should about a crystal, do you?

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      1. I’ve found over the years that individual stones often have “personalities” of their own; I think the ones that present themselves that way, we’re especially meant to work with. From the shamanic point of view, a representative of a stone whose spirit we’re supposed to work with turns up, drawing our attention to the aspect of the stone’s general nature we’re to address. So, Citrine-spirit may want our attention focused on a particular issue of personal power (a solar plexus chakra issue, thus in that stone’s realm), and a piece of citrine focused on personal power rather than on any other SP concern will turn up in our lives. It’s rare I’ve had a stone work much outside its “family” of issues and energies, but they can find some amazingly creative ways to express those energies.

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    2. They certainly can. Always goes much deeper for me than what a book says but then finding out how something resonates with us as individuals is part of the fun when working with the energy of anything. Books are always a starter but the real work comes with the tasting 🙂


      1. I approach messenger birds that way. I have a myth and folklore dictionary that I find invaluable. When a bird turns up calling for attention that I don’t already have personal shorthand for, I go there first. If a dozen cultures around the world associate that bird with something (say, Eagle with the Sun), it bears paying attention to, if only to see where else that might take me. General knowledge of them helps, too; if I see half a dozen hawks together, that’s attention-grabbing, because hawks are very territorial and don’t gather outside of family groups after fledging…with one exception. Harris’s hawks are very cooperative hunters. So half a dozen of them might not be anything I need to see as calling for my attention, or something other than the number might be the message.

        The same process applies to stones, it seems to me. What is the general, followed by how (if at all) does that apply to this specific time and place and its needs?

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    1. I suggest a rough piece such as mine which is much more satisfying to hold and be tactile with. Mine is just under 2 inches and fits in my palm very nicely. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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    2. Yes, that’s right. It’s a personal preference of mine to work with natural pieces as opposed to tumblestones. Although I do have several tumblestones too (they were bought much earlier in my collecting timeline) I like the look, energy and feel of an untouched chunk best 🙂

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    3. Some stones look prettier when tumbled too obviously. It depends what you choose to work with. I loved the smoothness of a tumblestone when I was first collecting but I find the roughness of an untumbled piece far more interesting now especially when meditating with them or, in the case of Merlinite, getting in the zone to study. There is no right or wrong way, just your way 🙂

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  2. Beautiful stone. I am with you, on the “do I need this stone” thought process. I have both tumbled and raw, and lean a bit to natural lately. When I was having trouble sleeping, too much on my mind, I used red jasper and kept it near my feet for grounding. Somehow I ended up with several of a kind, usually gifted, and I took that for a sign to work with that stones energy and representation.

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    1. I probably have far too many for my needs if I am honest but that knowledge comes with experience and it is nice to have so many at my disposal and a decent collection to pass on. Have you tried doing a crystal grid at any point? I haven’t enough of the same to do conventional ones but I do put my crystals out in intuitive (basically where I feel they want to be!) patterns and shapes for display and workings purposes. I suppose they are grids of a type 🙂

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      1. I do pretty much the same. I have 5 or 6 clear quartz points that i use in grids. I want to do one here, soon, because one of the political party conventions is being held an hour north of us. I want to transmute or deflect any weird or chaotic energy.

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