Made By Zen Soto Diffuser



This wonderful piece of kit is my Made By Zen Soto ultrasonic diffuser. I have had it on several times a week since it was bought for me and, as I write, it is oozing out Lemon, Basil, Peppermint and Geranium goodness into the air and helping me stay awake after a particular rough night’s sleep.

I use it for headaches and migraines, to freshen the air and fill it with lovely scents, to help with coughs and colds (and there are plenty about this year!) and sometimes just because I like to envelop myself in something soothing.

I have had this for around 18 months now and it was about £35 when I bought it although you do have to shop around. The only maintenance needed is a wipe around after and before use and changing the ceramic disc in the bottom when needed. I have only had to do the latter once in all this time and, at £4 a go, it isn’t expensive to do either.

It can be used at night as it turns itself off when almost empty. It has three settings for the colours – changing, static and off – and so doesn’t light up the room when in use if you don’t choose it to do so. It has a quiet and soothing bubbling sound which I find to be a mood enhancer in itself. As always I recommend using pure, good quality essential oils only, particularly in this diffuser as using anything else may damage it.

In short, a bargain and something I didn’t realise I couldn’t do without until I had it. Always a fun find 🙂


6 thoughts on “Made By Zen Soto Diffuser”

    1. It does indeed, Wendy. It can do the different lights on rotation, one colour on static or dim it for night usage. The vapour looks great too and is very soothing aesthetically in itself. Totally in love with mine and I can see one fitting nicely in your new hut too 🙂


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