Sometimes the daily stresses in life can seem a little hard to cope with. When that sort of thing is going on I mentally transport myself to some special places in my imagination during meditation (or even sometimes just for a Waterfall moment) and take a breather. Below are some of my favourite places I can escape to at my leisure.

The Waterfall Moment

This is where I go when I need to remember patience and tolerance. For those days when I am facing belligerent, antagonistic people. I totally immerse myself in the smells, sights and sounds of my waterfall and the surroundings. I feel the oxygenated breeze on my face from the waterfall as it cascades down the moss covered rock into the glistening pool of clear water beneath it. I hear the birds sing. I reach out to touch a twig on a branch and I feel the ground beneath my feet, centering me and bringing back my balance. Then I come to and realise I no longer feel any murderous urges and, if I am really lucky, the person in front of me will have run out of breath… 😉


The Tropical Beach Moment

This is where I go to chill out with one of my spirit guides who is Caribbean in energy and likes to hang here. Yes, he has dreadlocks. He doesn’t say much on our walks and instead communicates in feelings and pictures but I always get the point. When you are comfortable enough not to make small talk? Yep that’s it.


The Forest Moment

When I need to feel closer to nature and the Green Man then this is where I can be found. Life gets busy and sometimes too long has passed since I was last out under the trees. This is where I go to get a little of that comfort back again. The forest revitalises me and makes me feel alive. This is a place of tactile interaction where all my senses come into play during meditation and where the dappled sun comes through the trees and warms me.


The Divine Moment

This is where I first go to meet my Goddess in meditation. It is a place which initially looks like the Moon. Darker, colourless, barren, deep inside myself. A place of sanctity and no distractions. Fear not. The Eye of the Sun soon looks down on me and everything is illuminated, good and pure. A golden light which soothes and guides me on my journey to the places She wishes me to travel. It is peaceful and holds a feeling of unconditional love and kindness. I am safe and secure.

Where do you go on your travels?


I would love to hear what you think...

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