It Burns My Ears!


There we were, happily having a family gossip, when suddenly His Highness started growling at the TV. This was the first time in all his years he had done this. So what was the cause of his annoyance?

Adele. As she appeared to float towards him he bared his teeth, his hackles rose and he went absolutely nuts; barking, growling and showing his disapproval until she disappeared off screen. Then he uncharacteristically weed on the floor near the television and went back to lay on his cushion. He looked quite put out.

I don’t think he will be buying her new album… 🙂


7 thoughts on “It Burns My Ears!”

  1. I’m not a fan, either, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone that far. 🙂 Hmm, maybe if I go pee in front of the TV, Justin Bieber will blink out of existence….

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    1. Ha! Hope you have wooden floors and not carpets 😉

      No, I never seen the appeal of JB either, bless his cotton socks.

      Oh it was so funny, Maia, I thought he was going to start trying to jump at the television to get to her at one point. Never seen him like that!


      1. Was it the music, do you think, or the image of a figure approaching in such an odd way on a flat and solid black background? My animals pay very little attention to the TV, but close-ups of putting on golf shows endlessly compels the cats.

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    2. Oh in real terms I would say definitely the image itself. He doesn’t notice the television either, that’s why we were surprised. Probably just caught his eye and he took it to be threatening. Better not let him see The Ring, we will never get him to sleep alone again 😉


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