Beginner’s Twitter


I have recently been asked about Twitter and so I thought I would do a quick post 🙂

In my previous blog life I had to be on Twitter a lot under a very different hat so I picked up a few tips over the years. Now, blogging purely for myself, I get to chill out so I don’t do quite as much on there as I used to 😉

Twitter is an excellent way to spread the news of your blog and if you really want to go for it then you can spend hours writing tweets, retweeting, searching for people to follow, following people back and…well, take a packed lunch.

For those of us who like to breathe a little real air but would still like to get value and traffic from Twitter then I would suggest the following for lighter users who are just bloggers doing their thing:

  • Go into Sharing on your WordPress and put your Twitter profile name in the Sharing Buttons section right at the bottom. This means that anyone tweeting your blog posts will automatically use your Twitter name which people can click on to find more from you on your Twitter profile.
  • Have a look at your regular readers blogs and people whose blogs you follow to see if they are on Twitter and follow them on there. Check out their tweets and retweet some of their personal tweets from their own blogs. You can also do some of their retweets that catch your eye but don’t lose yourself in it. If you do this, then follow some of the originators of those tweets too if you like their profile and tweets. Bear in mind you can only follow so many people a day so you can spread that part out over a few days.
  • Now that you will have some tweets appearing on your timeline you will soon notice other like minded people retweeted by others you might like to follow. In return they may follow you back and retweet your personal tweets to others. And so it goes on.

Once you have entered the world of tweets you may like to go on twice a day, say morning and evening, and do the above as well as posting up notifications of your own blog posts. Pin your latest personal blog post tweet so it stays at the top for people to find. People looking to return a retweet will usually pick one of the top three tweets so make sure your latest blog post is one of them. You can pin a tweet by posting it up then clicking on it to find the ‘Pin to Profile’ option. If you are on a mobile device it will be found by clicking the three dots at the top and choosing ‘Pin To Profile’.

Whilst viewing blogs on WordPress you can also share the blog posts of others you liked by clicking on the Twitter share button on said post. This will bring up Twitter on your device and you can add a little to the description to say why you liked it and then send.

There are two very good hashtags to use for bloggers:

  • #MondayBlogs – this hashtag (written as I have typed it) is used on a Monday only to publicise your blog posts. The idea is you use the hashtag on the end of a tweet promoting your own blog post, send it and then retweet other people who have done the same. To view those posts simply put #MondayBlogs in the search box and it will bring up everything for that Monday, latest post first. This is a great way to share, find new followers and find new people to follow. This hashtag can not be used for advertising products, selling books or anything else like that and is PURELY for articles of interest. Click the above link to find out more
  • #SundayBlogShare – this is another hashtag aimed at increasing blog traffic and finding your tribe, this time on Sundays only. Click on the link to find out more.

We all like good manners but filling your timeline with ‘thanks for retweeting’ takes ages to do once you have lots of retweets and will put people off trying to find a normal tweet at the end. Instead thank someone by liking the retweet they have done for you if it is straight off your blog and retweeting something personal of theirs back. On a Friday, if you wish to go further, you can give a shout out to your regulars by using the #FF (Friday Follow) hashtag, then their names such as @Someone and saying something like –

‘#FF For their great support and with thanks @someone, @someoneelse and @everybody’

Often people who see these will check out these people and follow them back if they share similar interests. Another way to spread the love and get some back yourself when they do the same for you.

Remember to be social and comment on a few tweets. Talk to people so they know you are a real person and not a bot. Get involved 🙂

That’s the basics, folks…now go forth and keep an eye on the clock or we might not see you again this side of Christmas *big grin*


19 thoughts on “Beginner’s Twitter”

  1. Hahaha – FANTASTIC – thanks so much!!! I’m printing this one off for reference…. Very much appreciated – just what I needed a Twitter Mentor…. The ‘Law of Attraction’ is definitely at work for me …xxoxx

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      1. Haha – brilliant! Hope you don’t need matchsticks for the eyes today and you never no – If I eventually move onto mastering Instagram I may be able to reciprocate the ‘mentoring’ (don’t hold your breath thought!) x

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  2. Ok so something happened yesterday that reminded me of this lol – basically I went to set-up a Twitter for my blog (yay) so I did it, and then all of a sudden, someone I knew started following me and checking out my blog – the problem with this is my blog is anonymous and none of my friends/family know about it (and that’s how I wanted it to stay lol). And if you know me, based on what I’ve written it wouldn’t be anonymous for long (boo). Apparently it’s because it suggests you as a follower based on email address/phone number when you sign up?

    Anyway, story aside lol – I privatised my blog as a temporary measure ha and deactivated twitter. Any thoughts on how I can set-up Twitter without these issues? Merck 😀


    1. As someone who needs the same levels of privacy, I sympathise and have the following suggestions –

      1. Close your account at Twitter. Uninstall Twitter from your device and set up a new email address at somewhere like hotmail. Don’t give them your phone number.
      2. Start afresh and use that new email address to make a new Twitter account and don’t give them your phone number. You will need to pick a new name but for a blog such as yours it doesn’t matter if the name on there isn’t the same really – mine isn’t exactly. You aren’t selling products.
      3. Go into the settings —> privacy and untick EVERYTHING which allows Twitter to connect the account to your location, apps, phone book, phone number et al straight away. Lock it down completely.

      I noticed when it updated the other day that there was a tick box in privacy for connecting to apps used now. Frankly this ‘auto connect’ with everything these days is a pain for privacy issues. Google is a beggar for it. Keep a check on settings after every update so you don’t get caught out with any future ‘enterprising’ connection enchancements.

      Obviously I can’t GUARANTEE any of this myself and it is at your own risk but it is what I do and no problems here. It also depends, of course, on how big your privacy leak was and what damage has been done by it already. I really feel for you about this and sad it has happened.

      I hope the above helps if you decide to give it another try.

      P.S. There is a space in your profile to put your blog name for people to click and be directed. It will show up under your Twitter profile name.

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