Starting Small…



It is a little chillier today so we decided on a stew for lunch and what could be better than one with home grown fennel and a handful of home grown peas…satisfyingly organic 🙂

The man of the house cooked the stew and was quietly pleased at being able to put home grown produce in there…and so he should be. Marvelous job, said I!

The potatoes and onions will be ready soon too and I can’t wait for that first taste of warm potatoes smothered in real butter and parsley. Perfect!


My chamomile harvest should be within the next week or so. I had a moment of grower’s doubt yesterday as to what sort of chamomile it is but now I am pretty certain it is German. The flowers smell like honey and I am so looking forward to trying my first cup of tea.

We also decided upon which were weeds and which were herbs in the herb garden and it is looking GOOD – Mint, Chives, Parsley, Borage, Dill, Fennel, Lavender, Chamomile and Sage. Possibly also some Marjoram. The Borage was keeling over with flowers and so we decided to stake it…the honey bees absolutely love it and we get four or five on there at a time. Let’s look after our bees, people!

It is looking more like a real English cottage garden as each week goes by and I couldn’t be more delighted!



8 thoughts on “Starting Small…”

    1. Thanks, Ana, it’s such a satisfying project in itself and amazing what variety you can get with a small space. We have asparagus, potatoes and all sorts thriving at the moment. Not enough for a large family such as ours to live on but enough for those special meals 🙂


  1. Mmm – love the idea of home grown fennel in that stew – sounds delicious! I’ve been inspired by the ‘herb garden’ and planted some lavender and thyme yesterday in a tub outside my Brilliance Within hut – I’m hoping to smell them very soon every time I go into the hut! Thanks for inspiring me! x

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