Living Your Truth


We hear a lot about ‘living your truth’ but what is it? It is quite simple from my viewpoint. It means being who you are completely and showing yourself to the world with pride, confidence and no apologies. How many of us are actually able to do that and how many of us don’t feel that we can because of what others will say?

I spent a lot of my earlier years being normal. What I mean by that is that I went to church, I got married and had children. I did all the usual things which were expected of me as a daughter, wife and mother. I thought about what I wanted and who I was but I didn’t act on it and filed it away under ‘Dreams’. Then I got a divorce. My first ex husband is a good man and we are still close friends; we just weren’t right for each other.

I always had a habit of picking up lost strays whether in friendships or more intimate relationships. That’s what happens when you are an empath. I ended up being pretty miserable. I found myself in relationships which weren’t fulfilling, often exhausting and sometimes dangerous to my well-being. I surrounded myself with people I had nothing in common with. The only thing they had collectively in common was their reliance on me, knowing I would be there no matter what they said or did. A big part of me didn’t want that really but that same part of me thought it was what I should be doing and I ought to accept that. Female guilt, bred in, hard to crowbar out.

Then something changed. There was a relationship which I won’t go into but will say left me scarred. It also changed me for the better. It made me realise I was important too and the rest of it had to stop. And stop it did. I had a good look at the people around me and decided I wanted out. I ended friendships which were all take, I got myself out of some difficult family connections and I went it mostly alone with my children.

I spent more time on my spirituality. I meditated. I asked myself what was important to make me feel complete. In essence I spent time on discovering who I am and what I need. I discovered my needs were quite simplistic and didn’t involve money, power or prestige.

These days I embrace nature, herbal remedies and surrounded myself with ideals which made my soul smile. I dance on my own and with others for the heck of it. I show gratitude for what I have every day. I try to live mindfully and see each moment. I find humour and laughter wherever I can. I give myself permission to be me.

Above all, I do my best in every situation and if I fail or make a mistake I accept the lesson and learn from it.

To end the tale I started I can tell you I finally met a man who is perfect for me in every single way and I am blissfully happy and contented with our relationship.

Skip forward many happy years together and I can say I am living my truth –

I am not a victim. I am not a survivor. I am a woman who still does her best but now knows when to give herself permission to quit. I make mistakes, I try and learn from them. I accept I can’t be perfect and my flaws are part of being human. I give myself something to believe in with my spiritual life and I am grateful every day for the loving abundance I have.

I learn, I think, I trust.

And, most importantly of all, I love.


38 thoughts on “Living Your Truth”

  1. Living your truth is acting naturally, without pressure and influence of others. It is normal situation when others want to force us or push their opinion about what is right. My truth is my intuition, when i feel something is right, even others disagree with me. Excellent post.

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  2. Really like this – I do think half the trick is finding happiness and that sense of being content by yourself first – and then meet someone. You’re very fortunate to have found the perfect man in the end 😊

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  3. What a beautifully honest and inspiring post! Thank you so much for sharing this intimate insight into your life from which we can all learn something really valuable! X

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  4. Reblogged this on Brilliance Within and commented:
    Living your truth is a lovely personal insight from which many of us can learn the importance of living your life in a way that fulfills who you really are and not to meet the expectations and demands of others. A beautifully honest post from in The Autumn Of My Life!

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  5. I’ve re blogged this and when my new charger arrives for laptop this will be my first test at tweeting (struggling on tablet at the moment! I know…blocking and excuses….haha)😉

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  6. Great post, very inspiring! when we learn to truly love the person in the mirror, we attract genuine love to us. It is the best feeling…love and acceptance of who we truly are. Freedom, to be You!

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  7. Great post. You learned from that challenging relationship. Sometimes people let these things destory them or scar them for life. We have to use these unfortunate realationships as learning experiences. So we do not err again. Your strength after your experience is a great example for others who are going through the same.

    Your first obligation in life is to YOU.

    Have a great weekend. Be well.

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    1. That’s it, starting small. Then you have to embrace it and start working it into your everyday life, one step at a time. Make a list and do something every day from that list. Even if it is something like a wander around your garden to see what is new. Try growing something simple in a pot on the windowsill or in the garden from seed. Make one small change at a time when it all seems too big.

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  8. So true :)..guess the fear about being judged by others stop us from truly living our life..great post n being grateful n content attracts only the best from the to you 🙂

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  9. A really inspiring post! I have been beating myself up a lot lately over not “being enough”, making mistakes, making people worry etc etc. I can only be myself. I can’t continue to try and be what everyone else wants, cos everyone wants and expects different things. I can only be me and that is truly enough 💕

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