Our Inner Child


As I was looking after my granddaughter yesterday it struck me yet again how much we can learn from a child. Their imaginations are boundless. Give them a box and they will make a bed for a doll, a table for a tea set or a castle for a princess. Give them a piece of paper and you will receive a picture, a hat, a book or an aeroplane. Even something such as a few rose petals can produce a dinner, a perfume or just joyfully thrown in the air confetti!

A child’s world is full of colour and possibilities. They see change in every challenge. They don’t just see the paper, they see the form of what it could be. As adults, we can often see things just in black and white and miss the colours in between. We don’t see the patterns in the bark with a first glance, the waterfall in the cloud formations or stop to watch an insect on the ground.

Today I challenge you to stop still long enough to find something magical in the ordinary just like a child does –

  • Let’s start with cloud watching…what do you see? A face, a dragon, a bear?! How does it change with time?
  • Take a sheet of paper, decorate it and make something with it using just your hands.
  • Grab a handful of grass, chuck it randomly up and above a piece of paper so it lands on the paper and see what has formed in the patterns of blades.

Take the time to play and let your imagination fly free…try it, it’s still fun, trust me, even after all these years 😉


11 thoughts on “Our Inner Child”

  1. I totally agree – my niece comes out with some amazing stuff too 🙂
    Oh and I’ve just looked out my window, and the sky is literally just a weird whitey-grey – no clouds – Great British Summer for you lol.

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