Happiness Tag


This one is such a joyful tag that I couldn’t resist joining in and spreading the cheer!

I would like to thank Neat Habitat for tagging me. Do check out her blog which is an eclectic assortment of all things positive, including some very tasty recipes which I intend to try out because I do like good food! Have a peek at this one Strawberry Arugula Salad…perfect for alfresco dining!

The idea of the tag is to thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog and then post five things which make you happy. Then you nominate 10 blogs to pass the happiness on to. So here goes, brace yourselves 😉

  1. My Family – My girls and man make me a happy and proud woman. I have many labels – wife, mother, grandmother, chef, taxi coordinator, cleaner, confidante, lover, friend, cheer leader…to name a few…and I LOVE it and the people who make me who I am. Note to any of my darlings reading this: I am still not glacially thrilled with picking you up in my role as taxi coordinator and, this will come as a shocker, I do realise I am being ‘had’ when you tell me all the awful things which could happen to you, my precious cub, if i don’t comply 😉
  2. Knowledge – I am a life-long learner. I read books and assimilate knowledge at every opportunity. I love to learn, to think for myself, to consider, to compare and contrast and to come to my own conclusions.
  3. Self-Improvement – What is the point of gaining knowledge if we don’t act on it to improve ourselves? Experiencing life is what makes us human. It isn’t enough to know what we must do, we must do it to the best of our ability and learn from the lessons therein. Gratitude, meditation, mindfulness…all are part of my daily life and existence.
  4. Nature – This wonderful Earth makes me happy. To feel the essence and energy of everything around me and to feel it enhance my senses and my thought processes. I appreciate and admire everything we are given to embrace on this planet from the smallest insect working for its colony to the most incredible landscapes which inspire the soul.
  5. Chocolate – Ah, come on…you didn’t think it was ALL going to be high brow and principled, did you? Not on this blog *big grin* I love humour and I seek it everywhere. A big belly laugh is an incredible antidote to a difficult day and highly recommended.

Here are the ten blogs which I recommend for a visit and follow. I have gone for those which I have enjoyed in my short time doing this particular blog. The people writing them have my utmost respect and, if you are one of them, please don’t feel obliged to do this happiness tag – this is simply my way of showing my appreciation of your efforts 🙂

Maia Over Matter

Hart Of The Forest

Cynthia Harrison

Brilliance Within


Kristina Gallo


Ramblings of the Claury

Metaphysical Musings

Druid Life



14 thoughts on “Happiness Tag”

  1. Wow! I enjoyed reading…they all resonate with me, I love to laugh and I love to spread it! I really appreciate your tagging me and you do have my utmost respect as well. To loads of Happiness…cheers!!

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  2. I loved reading this!! Also had a good laugh about the chocolate! I can’t believe I left that out of mine! haha Keep up the great vibes!! ❤

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  3. Brilliant! Gone are the days of the ‘taxi service’ – now we’re getting our own back – the only problem is the ‘taxi’ has been stolen by a car thief (my youngest son still pops round to pinch my car!!)… Loved reading this and thanks so much for including me in your list – very much appreciated! x

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  4. So sorry I must have had a brain storm which I am going to put down to an age moment! I do remember reading this and thinking I’d write the post ‘tomorrow’ which clearly never came😨 Now I can hear my mum telling me off and reminding me “never put off til tomorrow what you can do today”!!! Sincere apologies xxx

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