Laboradite For Self-Healing


I love working with my gorgeous Laboradite palmstone when I am doing self-healing work. It helps me connect to my higher self, gives me clarity of thought and also makes me feel protected.

Flashes of gold and rainbow hues make this stone truly beautiful when smoothed like this one. The blue/green flash above is caught by natural light…gorgeous, hey?

I like to hold it in my hand, feeling its coolness, whilst meditating and solving problems. Its soothing energy is a perfect companion for me when travelling to the places I go when my mind is still and my breathing deep.

In Inuit myth, Laboradite is associated with the creation of the Northern Lights…I rather like that although science tells us otherwise 😉

Laboradite is said to give you a sense of adventure and bring fun back into your life. It is also said to be a stone of independent thought and we all need to embrace that!

There are lots of physical benefits accredited to Laboradite (there are lots of articles online about this) and I certainly feel good when using it for self-healing work.

Perhaps getting to know a piece of this soulful and relatively inexpensive stone will touch your heart too?


10 thoughts on “Laboradite For Self-Healing”

  1. I have four spheres I could never part with even after most of my stone collection went to other people; one of those is Labradorite. I consider them mostly decorative these days, but I’m sure they have other ideas on the subject. 🙂

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    1. Morning, Maia 🙂

      Betcha they do too *smiles* I really enjoy the energy of stones and crystals and I find certain connections get deeper and more satisfying over time. Everything has an energy to it, after all, so why not, hey?


      1. Given the way everything around me has been making itself heard lately (“Hi, I’m the energy from your guy’s training session. You need to sit down for a few minutes!”) I expect to start hearing from them any time now. Probably the first message will be, “Hey, we hate it up here by the wifi router!” 🙂

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