The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing


Yesterday afternoon a rare thing happened – everyone was out and I was alone. Instead of using that time to catch up on all the things which always need doing I decided to take my own advice and do a spot of cloud watching.

I took a peppermint tea out in to the garden and left my mobile phone indoors…*gasp*…yep, I know, incommunicado! Rebel! I found my favourite chair, got myself comfy in the shade and sat back  – sky watching, bird watching and listening to nature sounds.

In that time I saw a bird take its first flight encouraged by its mother, blue tits scoffing on the bird feeder, pigeons getting friendly (don’t ask…my thoughts of ‘get a room’ went unheeded), bees making the rounds of the garden flowers and cats at play on the shed roof. Most importantly for the task at hand I saw a dragon turn into a snake turn into a black hole, turn into a nebula, turn into a butterfly, turn into a…ah, you get it.

I took the time to really look at the flowers up close and appreciate their beauty, textures and colours. Take a look at this velvety star burst…



The header photo is the very slow moving cloud I observed. Fortunately its pace allowed me to enjoy the rest of the garden and its inhabitants with mindfulness and joy too.

My hound however had other ideas. When it was clear he wasn’t going to get a biscuit (oh, I forgot to mention the mindfully eaten biscuits…cranberry and white chocolate from Aldi…highly recommended!) and neither was a walk on the cards, he did this –


And simply ignored his beloved human whilst smirking to himself because I had yet to realise at that point he had been in the greenhouse again…

I thoroughly enjoyed my time immersed in the busy and cosmopolitan world of nature which goes on in my little garden.

Get yourselves out there, rediscover your own patch of soil and experience the sweetness of doing nothing! Ooh and take biscuits with you…although that bit shouldn’t need highlighting 😉


12 thoughts on “The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing”

  1. What a wonderful description of your chillax time in nature – I’m there with you as I read it… We spent a day in our garden yesterday too – sadly not quite as relaxing as yours as we saw the blackbird nest of babies raided to zero by a horrible magpie which wasn’t quite so pleasant with hubby switching into his ‘paternal’ state – he did a good deal of shouting and issuing death threats to the Magpie!!

    I do have one complaint about your ‘chillax in nature’ post though – Your reference to the DELICIOUS Cranberry and White Chocolate biscuits from Aldi – They were one of my favourites so I’m now Green Eyed!! Mmmm I can almost taste them now…..

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      1. Hahah – gosh don’t do that – You CAN’t miss out on those scrumptious Aldi bics – that would be criminal! You enjoy munching (sneak one out of the packet behind your back right now and eat it for me!)xx

        Liked by 1 person

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