Alone With My Thoughts?! You Must Be Joking!


So there you are. You are having a particularly bad week and you just want to kick something. So you scout about online for something to distract you and what do you find? Smug hippy types talking about meditation and mindfulness! Pfft! Flower power, is it? Yoga positions? Give me a break, you cry!

You read about mindfulness. Scoffing loudly at some mad woman who suggests eating a biscuit mindfully. Mindfully? A biscuit? Biscuits are to nosh at whilst ruminating about that conversation you had last week and going over every detail whilst kicking yourself for it…and for finishing the packet once you come out of your gloom and realise there are only crumbs left.

Next you read some article on meditation written by a bloke who swears he can sit for an hour bolt upright whilst he finds himself spiritually. All you can think about is what it will do to your back pain and, anyway, you want to get away from your thoughts, not sit and have a romantic meal with them! What IS all this baloney?!


Let me help you out here. I have been like you. So stressed out day in, day out that I wondered how I would cope when the final straw found me and settled comfortably on my spine. When I first started trying to meditate I found my thoughts overwhelmed me. Round and round they went, faster and faster until I opened my eyes, jumped up and said ‘No thanks!’and went to find coffee. This went on for quite some time. I would try it, it would seem impossible, I would get despondent.

Then one fine day I decided I really needed to apply myself after reading of yet more on the benefits of meditation, so I decided on a plan of action. I found an app with a guided meditation and every night before going to sleep I listened and did as instructed. After a while I discovered a change. I was able to follow my breath and see it visually in my mind as it travelled in and out of my lungs. I saw my heart pumping much needed oxygen around my body, giving me life. I put my all into that visualisation; I really felt it and saw it. And, guess what, my mind stilled. Thoughts would come but I would not allow them to fester anymore. I acknowledged them then let them go as I went back to concentrating on following my breath. You could say I gave them no air time.

You can do this too. The key is to be comfortable. You don’t have to sit up bolt straight like someone has shoved a…well, you get it…you can lay down and let your body be at ease. If you fall asleep then don’t worry, people do. At least you were relaxed enough to do so, that’s a start! Why not have a browse around YouTube and find a voice you like first, one which soothes. Then get yourself a plan of action and stick to it. Give yourself time. Expect the odd setback. Even a seasoned meditator can find it tough sometimes. Nobody is perfect. Ommmm!


Mindfulness is all about paying complete attention to what you are doing, whatever that may be, and not letting your mind drift to what’s next, what happened last week, what’s that noise, what’s for dinner?! It will help you to stop ruminating about the past and worrying about the future. It is all about the now and is of enormous help to those who suffer anxiety, stress or depression but it is worth trying for everybody and allows you to taste the essence of everyday tasks which you might normally do on autopilot. It allows you to see the joy in little things, the beauty and magnificence of a sunset and even helping you with your diet as you pay complete attention to what you are eating whilst you are eating it.

Don’t just crunch your biscuit up whilst reaching for the next one – have a look at it. Feel the texture, notice the consistency and components. (Yep, I am suggesting you play with your food…you did it before with the vegetables on your plate when you were a child so we know the skill is in there somewhere *smiles*). Take a small bite, notice the texture, the taste, pay complete attention to it and chew slowly. Notice how you feel. See, feel and concentrate on nothing but the food. Do the same for the next bite.

Try washing the dishes mindfully. Do it slowly. Considerately. Be aware. Feel the sensation of the bubbles between your fingers. The texture of the cloth in your hand. Take your time to see the rainbows in the bubbles. And yes, its okay to blow some off your hand and watch them drift…nobody need know 😉

Mindfulness is stopping to experience your experiences and appreciating the unexpected joys and sensations therein. This, over time, will train your mind to keep you in the present moment.

You can find out more online about either of these techniques. Both have become a way of life for me and have made a huge difference to my quality of life and appreciation.

Meditation and mindfulness take practice and willpower to master but you don’t have to be a master in anything to benefit from either. Eventually both become second nature. Baby steps, often.



16 thoughts on “Alone With My Thoughts?! You Must Be Joking!”

    1. Thank you! So many people get put off these two really useful skills either by the hype or finding them difficult but I have found them both really essential. They have improved my quality of life and I wanted to pass that on!

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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    2. The key is to put all your concentration on where your breath is going. Through your nose, into your lungs, making your stomach rise and back again as you breathe out. Visualise every step. See it fortifying you, bringing you life. Imagination. It might seem a bit crazy to start with but once you really get in the zone you can use it to stop allowing your thoughts to take off down negative paths. You can let the thought go and go back to your visualisation. It takes practice, like everything does, I certainly needed practice! But the breakthrough is so very worth it!

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  1. Such a fascinating Intel! This read has got my perspectives wider and more open towards comfort in life. I have learned quite a lot through this. Thank you for sharing this my dearest friend! – Cezane

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  2. I’ve done lots of the hypnosis meditations for ‘sleep’ on Youtube but haven’t looked at the mindfulness ones so will definitely give these a try. I’ve just eaten a ‘forbidden’ biscuit (the first in a month) and it went down in one – I wish I’d read this first and thought about every crumb before I devoured it!! Yikes – naughty but VERY nice! x

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      1. Fab – will do. We’re off to sunny Spain in the morning so I’ll have this ready for my return.. Much appreciated and yes NAUGHTY Biscuits – they MADE me eat one!!! It was definitely not weakness on my part or a lack of will power….

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