Perimenopause: Feeling ‘Not Quite Yourself’?


Some women are really lucky and breeze through the time of the month and the menopause without some much as a hair out of place. For the rest of us, we can only wish.

You may not even realise straight away you are going through the perimenopause, those years before full-on menopause happens. For some women there is a feeling of being unsettled. The odd hot or cold flush happens. Periods might become irregular or change in their habits. Suddenly you might feel tired more often. Worse still you might sometimes go off sex for a while. There are other symptoms that your body is changing such as worsening PMT, aches and pains and irritability to name a few more. Anxiety is also common as hormones go up, down and take themselves off somewhere hotter than you for their holidays.

If you have any changes physically or mentally which impact on your daily life then I urge you to go and see your doctor and see if anything can be done. Sometimes, depending on the problem, there is an easy solution or at the very least something to help lessen your symptoms to a more manageable level. This will also make sure it is the perimenopause and not something more serious.

On top of that you can also help yourself by talking to your partner, family and those closest to you about how you feel. Don’t keep it inside and brave it out unnecessarily…this may just lead to misunderstandings in your relationships which can cause more problems. If your hormones are haywire you may be acting as if you have a bad case of PMT and those that love you need to know what is happening. It is a natural process every woman goes through but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult sometimes.

You can also help yourself by being kind to yourself. Give yourself a weekly home pamper session. Get out in the fresh air and walk off any negative emotions. Do something which makes you happy every day. Dance to music you love. Laugh often. Use alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, sound therapy, crystals or herbal supplements to support the process but do check with your doctor about any possible interactions with medicines you already take first. You can find articles I have written on this blog  about living with perimenopause and alternative health therapy support here.

Embrace this new milestone in your life. Tick off a few things on your bucket list. Get a new hobby or interest to distract yourself. Do some volunteering. Start meditating – wonderful for bringing balance back to your emotions.

Above all, realise you have nothing to feel ashamed or awkward about and find yourself a good doctor who is well versed in women’s health.

Be happy, be content, be yourself again.

Don’t suffer in silence.


5 thoughts on “Perimenopause: Feeling ‘Not Quite Yourself’?”

  1. I have been so lucky to be only mildly affected and now out the other side. I should have had a hysterectomy a few years ago but instead was lucky to travel to Bath Hospital for a pioneering new treatment at that time and was one of the first few people to have microwave ablation of the womb instead. I am convinced that this made going throught the menopause easier so count my lucky stars 🙌

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    1. It’s good to hear that it isn’t all doom and gloom! My own body has decided to let me feel every minute but there are things which help and so I share what I have learnt on here for others who might be struggling with the same *smile*

      I hope you are enjoying your holiday! It is raining here so do pack a few rays of sunshine in your suitcase for us all here 😉

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      1. Well – I tried to bring the sunshine home but it just wouldn’t fit in my suitcase! Ughhhh back to reality with a bump!!Ahh well can’t be greedy we did have a really lovely time… x

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      1. Well to be fair it started off dull but dry this morning and we spent the morning in the garden with my 2 gorgeous granddaughters and 4 of my great nieces (6 girls age range 4-12) so we had some fun. Then the rain set in so we transferred to my sisters ‘vintage’ caravan which she has just cleared and created a really magical space with lots of mermaids, fairies and crystals etc. All the girlies had a fab time regardless of the rain and I still wore my ‘very bright’ sundress regardless to show off my tan! haha… So glad you had a biscuit for me too – I really appreciate it. The McVities factory is only 10 minutes drive away from where I live and so I can still enjoy the ‘smell’ of the biscuits even if I can’t eat them as I ‘drive by’…. mmmmm!! McVities have always been a favourite – scrumptious!

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