Out Of Control


I had a quite different post in mind for today than this one but then recent events brought a difficult subject to mind. With Paris still very much in my thoughts I write with an open heart.

Despite possible good intentions prior to their election our leaders enter a world full of political pressures, old backhand debts and handshakes. They have a shaky fingertip on their seat of power. All thoughts of the ordinary citizens they promised to represent are gone. They now represent their brand and what that name means on the world platform. Our leaders might sit at home at night with their families and imagine being able to do things differently but self-preservation and the confidence of their cabinets are what keep them in power. Upset that apple cart and someone else is always waiting to take the chair. Can one leader make a big enough impact, quickly enough, before he/she is ousted and their decision overuled by those in the shadows who put them there?

Doesn’t make it right but that’s how it is.

So when it comes to changing something which is ingrained in the very foundation of a society, makes a lot of money and which can be used to stir up patriotic pride and rights…together with the realisation that the task is huge…well, it isn’t an overnight job. Add to that the fear snaking its way around the public and the reluctance to disarm in the face of terrorist threats in cities and in suburbs, can a firearms amnesty even be possible? Who will lay down their weapon first in front of the next stranger who comes to town?

I don’t know what the answer is. I can write about peace, hope, joy and try to comfort. They are words which those directly involved may appreciate but find too raw to receive right now. Those people are angry. They have every right to be so.

Living somewhere else other than America makes it easy to judge them negatively as a people for those who want to but we must remember that America’s political policies are made by their leaders and not by the people themselves.

The people themselves are like you and me, ordinary folk who are scared and saddened by recent events.

They need our collective support, our empathic humanity and our love. All we can do is send them these and all our hopes that their leaders will put themselves on the line politically and be proactive in turning away from the money makers to do what they can to put things right for the future of their children and for ours. And that it works.

We will remember Orlando.




4 thoughts on “Out Of Control”

  1. Thank you for a lovely and perceptive post. It’s hard to live here, in America, and see politicians give lip-service to prayers for the slain, for the children of Sandy Hook, the Orlando victims, and more, and then do nothing to stop the sale of assault weapons. Their profits and branding trump their pretended religious sympathy and supposed family values.

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  2. You have got it right Autumn ~ we are all part of the human family. It’s just our section have the biggest toys at the moment & boys with toys are loathe to give them up. Say … maybe a woman President will make a start in a better direction. Xo

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  3. If only we could just treat all those we come into contact with as a ‘human being’ and enjoy and respect our differences recognising that we won’t like everyone but can still respect their views, the World would be a better place. Thanks for bringing out the importance of retaining our humanity in this post.. x

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