When Life Bites


I had rather a difficult evening last night. Life seemed rather grim. Nothing in particular is wrong though. Just the perimenopausal hormones giving me a kick! So today I decided to brighten my mood by doing what brings me comfort and I chose to get out into the garden and give my herb garden some attention.

It is absolutely flourishing out there and it does my soul good to see it. The bees were fighting me for space near the borage and chamomile as I weeded our patch of soil. I planted in a Roman Chamomile plant which smelt divine and have my fingers crossed it will take off the same as its cousin, my German Chamomile, further down. Next the coriander went in from the greenhouse seedlings that one of my daughters started off. She has recently taken a real interest in what goes on in the garden and it is good to be able to pass down an interest and give her another skill into the bargain.

The birds are eating us out of seed and insect-concoction filled coconuts! There have been several fights outside around the bird feeder this year and feathers have been plucked. Forming an orderly queue doesn’t seem to be anymore likely than women at a sale. There have been muggings, mobbing, name calling and all sorts going on. The blue tits just wait on the fence until the thugs have chased each other away and then nip in for a spot of scavenging before they come back. Clever.

The fennel is looking proud and is destined for the dinner plate on Sunday as part of a gorgeous orange and fennel chicken recipe from Nigella Lawson. This woman is definitely a Kitchen Goddess and I bow down appropriately at the spine of her latest book. Her recipes always come out stunningly; check this out-

Copyright – nigellalawson.com

Next I tended my Jade trees (or money plants, if you like!) in the greenhouse. Last year I took some cuttings from the main plant I have and they are doing really well in there. I should be able to distribute them to my daughters once they are ready. I do like to start family traditions and this one is pretty cool…who knows how many more cuttings will be done in the years ahead? I really like that idea 🙂

When the various herbs are big enough I shall start to harvest and dry them out. I already have my eye on some cute jars for storage.  I will use some of them in incense recipes, in the bath, in homemade oils such as rosemary and, of course, cook with them too.

When life bites you, get outside in the fresh air! It is a wonderful mood lifter. Grow something too. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is!


32 thoughts on “When Life Bites”

  1. Where do you live? I moved from the mountains of North Carolina to Upstate South Carolina over the winter. I love being on the lake and the sunrises and sunsets are …well (I’ve got to stop using that “amazing” word.) But they last for an hour or more. (They did not in the mountains). I rejoice because I can now have an Osmanthus Fragrans (Tea Olive) in my yard near my bedroom window, and a Gardenia by my sitting porch. But Chamomile? I doubt it. Every night my Morning Glories are crunchy…but they have revived by morning. My herbs, the basic cooking kinds and lavender, are in grow boxes. This soil is clay impacted gravel. But it’s all good. I prefer the boxes…I can move them as the sun changes during the season and may even move them indoors during the winter.

    I don’t have a problem with quarrelling birds because I have 11 feeders…4 of which are for hummingbirds. .I even gave up (gave in?) and put up a squirrel feeder.


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    1. I’m in England, Kitsy. My particular area is similar to yours in soil content but not in climate, I would imagine. They seem to be thriving here. We grew from seed in the greenhouse and planted in the garden a few weeks ago. Can you start some off in the house and move to an outside pot later?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope your day is a wonderful one! Many blessings.

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  2. Oooh, lovely, happy plant! I’ve been sitting with my chamomile a lot the past few days, just breathing it in, and drinking a lot of chamomile tea, too. It gives me that “a world that has this in it can’t be *total* crap” feeling. That’s a start, right? 🙂

    I spent more time in sweaty, testosterone-choked air today than in fresh, but it was a still an interesting day for that. *laugh*

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      1. I’ve got my fingers crossed for mine, nearly all of which are true tropicals. They look like they’ll be fine here in summer; if I can nurse them through winter will be the real test.

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  3. Those herbs are looking fab! I’ve got thyme and lavender on the go and want to add some more… I like the sound of chamomile… that’s going on my wish list! You can’t beat getting back to simplicity of nature to brighten the mood and hope it did the trick! X

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