Feeling Compassion Is What Makes Us Human


This morning I watched a YouTube video made by a lady who I will say at the offset seems to be genuine in her opinions and who mostly says what some may be thinking, but are reluctant to say, in her videos. I respect her and her right to have her own opinions. I will not ‘out’ her on here and risk her getting harsh negative feedback but instead simple outline some of what she said.

This particular video expressed her opinion that candlelight vigils, praying, sending words of condolences and positive energies to the people directly involved with atrocities does nothing and gets us nowhere. She says we need to do not just say. She says anything else is a waste of time and does nothing if not backed by action. She says anything else is to comfort ourselves and not the people concerned and expressed her opinion on how empty and worthless these sentiments are.

I totally agree with where she is coming from by saying we should all walk the walk in life and not just give lip service but I think she is missing the point of what acknowledging and talking about these atrocities means to the people who are living there and suffering. There are many who are suffering that the world at large doesn’t get to hear about because they aren’t considered newsworthy enough to be validated or they have been SO newsworthy that now the media has moved on to newer topics and their plight is largely forgotten by most yet still unchanged.

As individuals there is little we CAN directly do about some atrocities apart from join with others via the internet to send our love and condolences via the written word. We can show we are appalled and that we care. We validate it. The alternative is to say nothing, turn away and wait for it to go away. That might be okay for folks who need and want just positivity in their lives and I am not going to judge them for that. I like to fill my own life with as much positivity as possible, who doesn’t? But I am also a realist; life is light and darkness. I may not seek out negativity but I can’t turn away with ease when I find it just because it doesn’t directly effect me either.

If we as individuals are able to send healing energy then that energy goes to the situation and becomes form, linking with positive energy sent by other like-minded folk. It is there to comfort; a blanket of understanding from a world of normal folk who are powerless to do anything more to directly change the situation. This is what I wholeheartedly believe – intention is everything.

There are those who will use atrocities for their own agendas. There are even those who will use it to cause more pain online and to stir up other people because they haven’t anything better to do. Those of us just feeling genuine compassion should go right ahead and feel it. If we want to show that compassion through words, the lighting of candles or sending vibes of understanding for the suffering of others then I say yes, it will help because I believe we are all interconnected. It won’t change what has happened, it won’t stop it happening again but it will acknowledge it over the thousands of miles which potentially separate us.

This week I have been wearing my black tourmaline pendant and sending healing energy in my own way. Nobody else knows up until this point why I am wearing it but I will tell you…for Paris, for Orlando and for all those people who live in fear of their lives for whatever reason and wherever they may be. I wear it with hope, understanding and compassion and I wear it to acknowledge the pain of those who are suffering because it is my way of being respectful and earnest in that acknowledgement. I also wear it with a heartfelt gratitude because I live in a country where it is unlikely my neighbour has a gun, I have enough food to eat and I have a roof over my head.

So I say send your positive thoughts, your love and your compassion. If you are in a position to do something proactive then great, do that too! Acknowledge the pain and suffering of others around the world today without judgement but from a loving heart. Light a candle or do whatever makes you feel connected. Disconnection is what makes greedy, power hungry people able to be what they are and causes many of the problems in the world today.

If we lose our compassion, we have lost our humanity.


17 thoughts on “Feeling Compassion Is What Makes Us Human”

  1. Unfortunately, there are always people who respond to tragedies in this manner. You’re right, there isn’t much we can physically do to make a change in most instances. One way we can help is to make sure that voices are heard. And when the time comes, vote for policies that will change future outcomes.

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    1. It’s a sad fact but true unfortunately, some can hide quite comfortably behind a computer and do all sorts of damage.

      I wish all of you in America the best of luck with your voting outcome and I hope the right candidate wins.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sharon Yvonne. I hope your day is a wonderful one!


  2. I think prayer, meditation, etc does help us through these tragic events, and if you have an action that can directly help those in the tragedy, yes, yoi need to act. But many of us are at a distance, so doing what we can, mindfully, does help indirectly. But I call out politicians who use these tragedies to parrot hypocritical bible verses, and refuse to take action to change anything.

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  3. I totally agree! As one human being to another it is important to recognise how lucky we are not to have been impacted and to send our love and compassion to those who have lost so much. X

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  4. I loved this post coming as it did at the time it did … I particularly liked this: “If we as individuals are able to send healing energy then that energy goes to the situation and becomes form, linking with positive energy sent by other like-minded folk.” And thank you for the Reiki too, Autumn:)

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