Just Misbeehaving…


I hope you are all having a wonderful Father’s Day and beehaving 😉

I rescued a bee with lavender and reiki this morning. Turned his nose up at the sugar water my man offered him though. Presume it wasn’t the right vintage for a fast bee around town. He didn’t stop for a photo and went about his business shortly after but here is his cousin twice removed who was happy to pose *smiles*

Photo © In The Autumn Of My Life (taken by the man of the house).


7 thoughts on “Just Misbeehaving…”

  1. One of my favorite poetry subjects. 🙂 I wonder if sugar water just doesn’t do it for them; we get wasps at the hummingbird feeders pretty often, but I don’t recall seeing any bees, though we do have them in fair numbers. I did put in a couple of bee baths, though, and they *love* those. Ladybugs do too, apparently, but I haven’t seen any of those there yet.

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