Ruby In Zoisite/Anyolite


This wand of goodness is Ruby in Zoisite or Anyolite. It can be used to support fertility problems, sexual difficulties, hormonal imbalance from an early menopause and can calm the reproductive system. It is also used in…ahem…sex magic such as Tantric sex and you are quite welcome to research that for yourself 😉

On a practical level this empathic stone may help you with spiritual awakening and to help you discover and understand what you really want out of your life.

I just love the energy of this 10cm wand. Catch the light right and you can see tiny sparkles. It has a strong vibration and fits well, colour and vibration-wise, with work on the heart chakra.

You don’t have to buy it in the shape of a wand, a rough piece or a tumblestone will do just as well, but I was really drawn to this one and it is one of the few wands I own. I love being able to hold it, point to point, between my middle finger and thumb when meditating into its depths. Its patterns and colours reminding me of green fields, juicy raspberry sorbets, the swirling lakes of Avalon and more.

It is widely available online and not too expensive. A bracelet is also a lovely way to work with this stone, especially to support you in sexual or reproductive difficulties.

As a side issue, I would recommend wearing a moonstone pendant as well to support reproductive difficulties if that is a main concern. I have known two women who were having difficulties conceiving get pregnant very quickly while using moonstone and Goddess prayer to support their medical interventions but there is never a guarantee, of course. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to explore every avenue in this instance. All my hopes to you if you are trying to conceive.


13 thoughts on “Ruby In Zoisite/Anyolite”

  1. I’m on a major 1500+ email catch up from my holiday – I’m definitely doing something wrong… However, in going through clearing them down (I’m down to 600 now… ) I keep being tempted in to read lots of posts hence it taking me so long to get to zero!! However, I think I’m getting a message as this is the 3rd post I’ve read today that includes mention of Tantric Sex – I’m off to investigate further (once I’ve cleared the rest of my emails) hahaha xx

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      1. Is that – you haven’t been on line much because of the Tantric Sex? In that case I don’t blame you for being ‘off line’!! hahaha – blogging v tantric sex mmm or biscuit v tantric sex – now that’s a tricky one!! xx


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