Imagine That!


Imagination is a powerful tool and goes hand in hand with meditation. When your soul needs soothing and the outside world seems a harsh companion then entering into a meditative state can transport you to places where your creativity can be explored and your mind comforted.

In deep meditation you can go anywhere you want to and you can feel alive in those places. The key is to immerse yourself completely in your imagined surroundings. Use your senses to connect. Reach out and touch a leaf on a branch. Inhale the air, taste it and note its sweetness. Feel the ground under your feet and notice what it is made of. Hear the animals calling and listen to the wind rustling the trees. Dip your fingers in running water to pick a stone up and take it with you. Feel the soft breeze on your face. Dance.

More fully encompassing than any daydream, deep meditation allows you to fly over the Earth, visit distant planets of your own design, immerse yourself in the cooling waters of the healing lake of Avalon or anywhere else your mind wants to dwell. What better way to spark creativity and at the same time take a well earned break?

Some of my deepest meditations are set on a dark moon with a blanket of stars and our blue planet above me with the eye of the Sun to the east. I see the shadowy outlines of the rocks and the glistening dust on the ground as it crunches like ash under my feet. I raise my face to the rays of the Sun and welcome its warmth and life giving heat. I hear only silence, feel only peace and find only comfort here. It is the place deep inside me where I sit quietly, safe in the presence of my Goddess. A place of no other distractions, of pure thought and where I problem solve and plan for the future.

Kinda cool, hey?


15 thoughts on “Imagine That!”

  1. Fabulous – I love the power of imagination! Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – check out my response to being nominated – you’ll laugh when you see the photo of my sister! – talk about like attracting like! Feel free to decline the nomination as it does take a while to do (well it did me anyway!) but on the other hand it was fun to do.. x

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