Homegrown Dried Chamomile


I harvested by very first batch of chamomile last week and I am delighted to say it is now dried and ready for use! I left a third of this months crop in the garden for the bees and they seem to be making good use of them.

I had decided to cut two thirds of the chamomile we had grown into bunches and hang them upside down in the big cupboard under the stairs. It smelt wonderful in there as they were drying but I think next time I shall just pick the flower heads straight off the plant and let them air dry. The reason for this is that they made a bit of a mess when I went to take them off the dried plant stems and mostly disintegrated (as you can see from the photo below) but they are still usable to make tea with the help of a muslin square or a bit of cheesecloth and a strainer *smiles*


With this first little crop I have decided to keep half to make tea and the other half I intend to make into an infused oil. Here is a fabulous article to follow if you fancy making your own herbal infused oil from Whispering Earth. I shall be making mine by solar infusing it…simply leaving in on the windowsill once made and let the sunshine do the rest 😉

We are starting out small but I am guessing this is going to be something I will be experimenting with a lot as the herbs in the garden get themselves established. I can’t wait to start adding bits and bobs to other homemade products.

Totally organic! Doesn’t get much better, does it?


11 thoughts on “Homegrown Dried Chamomile”

    1. Oh no 😦 Frustrating for you! We started ours off in the greenhouse so they were nicely established before being planted out. They did have a bit of a nibble but it grew so fast there wasn’t too much danger of them destroying the plant.

      (If they start having a pool party around the bird bath I suspect you will have your answer…!)

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    1. Aww that’s sweet of you, thank you!

      It is so satisfying, even doing it on a small scale. With a property your size I guess you could soon have an Etsy shop full of homemade herb produce 😉 *wink and a big smile*

      I would love more land to expand everything we are doing but I think we are okay for the moment. We have a lot to learn! And having so much fun doing it too! 🙂


  1. Looks like a lovely harvest! i have a soft spot for the cham, as you know. 🙂 I have a huge plant (or multiple plants in its case) in a massive rolling pot, but given its purpose in my work, I probably won’t be harvesting it. Bees and butterflies are stampeding it, though, and that’s a good purpose in itself.

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    1. It is indeed, Maia! Every garden should have a few bee friendly plants 🙂

      I hope you are having a good weekend! Very busy here. Yesterday was a travelling day looking at one of the universities several hours away which my daughter is considering. The weather is awful here with torrential rain so it was an interesting drive homeward last night at 40-50mph *laughter through teeth and remembering nails in the dashboard*


      1. One thing living in the South gets you used to in a hurry is driving in downpours. It’s that or barricade yourself in the house 3/4 of the year. 🙂

        I’m having a less stressful weekend than you are, for sure. (Break out the chamomile!) I’m a long way from liking parties, but fam parties are a different animal, and Darren made the impression he was hoping to, if not better. He was the only one worried about that. Aunties: Conquered. 😀

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