Chamomile Update


A couple of photos to show what I did with my first small crop of Chamomile this month. I decided to make a Chamomile and Lavender oil infusion and this is currently sitting on a sunny windowsill in a paper bag. This will be its home for the next four to six weeks. I have left a good inch of space at the top to allow for the herbs to expand although I don’t think these particular herbs will need that. However, as this is a first experiment I will see how it goes 😉


And finally I made two wonderful cups of Chamomile tea…neat for hubby and with honey for me to sweeten me up a bit 😀

The taste of this home grown Chamomile tea was far superior to any teabag I have had! There was no bitterness in either. I used two teaspoons of dried Chamomile in a bit of muslin but could probably have got away with half that amount. I shall know for next time.

My next crop will be used for making tea only and I shall experiment with using fresh flowers and compare the difference.


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