Finding Your Life’s Purpose Meditation


I tried this hypnosis-type meditation by Michael Seeley this evening and was really impressed by it so thought I would share it here for you all 🙂

More about Michael Seeley and his excellent hypnosis and guided meditations can be found in the drop down description on his videos on YouTube. He has something for everyone and his channel is where I tend to go when I want a guided meditation.




14 thoughts on “Finding Your Life’s Purpose Meditation”

  1. Although I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and help others overcome issues, I find it works better for me to listen to others rather than just do my own ‘self hypnosis’ so I’ve regularly listened to Michael Seeley – his voice really is soooo relaxing..

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      1. My niece and nephew in law have just set up a recording studio so I’m planning to make some recordings very soon. I had to put it ‘on hold’ due to a very persistent cough that I’ve suffered from for several months but it is improving now so I’m hopeful I can pick this up again to complete. xx

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    1. I should imagine they will be very popular with your real life clients for re-enforcing etc.

      Good luck…and please share any bonus recordings just between us here online where you break into a singing Cher or someone. Well, I wouldn’t be able to resist…I use my hairbrush as a mic far too much to be called decent behaviour as it is 😀

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      1. haha – what about Tina Turner “Simply the best” – oh no hang on more like “Nut bush..” or Shirley Bassey – “Hey Big Spender”.. I’ll post if you’ll reciprocate! heehee… On a serious ‘note’ – I do do recordings of client sessions for them or for post hypnotic suggestions but I thought for Youtube I’d go ‘up market’ and utilise the ‘professionals’ in my family! I haven’t been able to do any sessions though for the last 9 months but hope to re-start soon.. x

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