Symbolism, Magic and Universal Energy


Symbolism has been used throughout human history as a way of expressing or accessing what we see, feel or need. Symbolism is all around us – from advertising brand images to the flags of countries which proudly fly on masts. Symbols will make us feel in a certain way if we understand their meaning…they can be uplifting as in the pride you may feel when looking at your countries flag at a football match or they can have the opposite effect if they represent something which is horrifying such as a swastika because of what they are associated with. The point is well known ones will bring a similar emotive response in the population viewing them if that symbol represents something which is understood by that population. They have been given form and are no longer just the 2D image we see before us. They have depth and are alive, bringing with them their own energies and emotional responses.

Reiki and other healing systems use symbols too. These symbols have been used by many people over hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years depending on the healing system being used. They have been given form by their common usage and therefore they have a certain meaning and goal. They are used to hone and direct the universal energy to support the body, mind or both of the person receiving treatment depending on the intent and need.

Reiki doesn’t come from the person laying their hands on another. We are merely a channel for the universal energy which exists for all to access. The symbols direct the energy in a certain way depending on which are used. Here is the interesting part – by using the Reiki symbols with clear intention and love anybody can access the universal energy associated with Reiki. It is a fact that the universal energy is there for all of us to access and we have just forgotten about its existence over the ages. You don’t need to go on expensive courses to learn how to access that energy. I previously wrote a post about how to do this with Reiki and you can read it here. I did do two levels of Reiki many years ago now and have worked with those symbols and that of other systems regularly since. Now when I come across new symbols from other healing systems I simply research them and incorporate some into my own work if I find they have merit and enhance the way I do things.

For those wanting a definition of the ‘universal energy’ I would say for me it is the healing energy given out by the Earth and all things in it and on it and around it, including the universe. Every piece of matter gives out energy, we are all connected to this energy and each other. Some people more so than others as they are more aware of it and know how to access it although it makes them no more special than anyone else just more self-aware, perhaps.

The power of the human consciousness – I truly believe we are not singular, closed circuit entities but are cogs in a greater system affecting it and each other with our thoughts, words and deeds. A sobering thought when we think of what we do to this beautiful planet and to each other through seeking profit, war and religious dominance…when we hurt other parts of the system we also hurt ourselves. It can be used in positive ways too such as sending healing energy and love to those people or situations which need it and in all manner of good ways. In fact it should be and the more we do so the more love will be felt by all. That isn’t so much a naive, airy fairy way of looking at it as a representation of my wish for something to change in a positive manner for us all.

There are lots of ways to tap into this energy which surrounds us all. For instance, I might feel the need to clear negativity around me or negative thoughts on an issue in my mind. For this I may use two of the symbols associated with Reiki to direct the universal energy but I will also enhance that with crystals, herbs and candles. In my case I will also call upon my Goddess for help. The crystals, herbs, candles and tools I use in various ways will focus my mind to the task as well as lend their energies for me to tap into. I may use a white candle for purity of thought. Rose petals for self-love and healing, Rosemary to bring clarity, Apache Tears to clear negative energies and a few other correspondences of choice. Using selective correspondences used by others for eons for the same or similar purposes (and my belief in them) will focus the positive energy and my mind to my task at hand. A clarity of purpose and intention, clear thought processes and a total belief in a successful outcome will further enhance what I am doing to a positive end.

I am using all these things as symbols to represent and achieve my goal. Their use for the same thing by other people in the past has given them form and meaning in the higher realm as well as the energy and physical properties they give out as matter on Earth. This is what gives them their essence and makes them useful tools for us to make good use of and this is the ground roots of magic.


18 thoughts on “Symbolism, Magic and Universal Energy”

  1. Hi my favorite blogger. Symbol of swastika reminded me on sad event in Croatian football stadium, where unknown criminal left this mark in halftime of match Croatia-Italy. Until today nobody found out what happened and who did this. Some young people don’t know consequences of using some symbols because it looks so cool to them, as invitation to rebellion.


    1. Hello Kristina *smiles and waves*

      This is one of those symbols which is recognised worldwide…I hesitated to use it in this article as an example because of its meaning and emotional response in most of us. However, it is the most well known symbol with a negative emotional response from those who relate it to its most recent meaning and representation and it couldn’t be ignored.

      It is a sad tale about the football stadium. Sometimes it isn’t just younger people either in my experience who don’t understand the whole idealism of a particular symbol. As humans we can have a habit of picking a small piece of an idea and basing our assessment on that and what other people say rather than being brave enough to research further ourselves and make our own minds up.

      In the young, like you say, it is often wrapped up in needing to ‘belong’ without fully comprehending what they are ‘belonging’ to and just joining in to be part of ‘the gang’.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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    1. Thanks, Samantha, glad you enjoyed reading it!

      One of my daughters is attuned to Reiki too…I was pregnant with her at my Reiki I attunement. Even before I shared knowledge of such things with her it made me smile when she would put her hands on things to ‘make them better’ before she was aware of the connection between the two.

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    2. Fabulous! I don’t know about you but I often find it much harder to give myself Reiki than to give to others. I think it is just a frame of mind. I almost feel a little guilty when helping myself. Perhaps it is just me being daft?! Also, of course, when I really need it for myself such as for a migraine it is also more difficult to concentrate and fully involve myself in it…that may be a good reason too 🙂

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  2. I’ve been so influenced by the other healing methods I’ve learned that while I use Reiki a great deal, i rarely use the symbols themselves in it, other than…well, symbolically. For example, there’s a beautiful set of hour-long suites done by Akshara Weave, one for each of the traditional Usui Reiki symbols (and a shorter one for Raku). I often use the music rather than the symbol when I work; I find that more effective for me, mostly non-visual as I am. I probably couldn’t draw any of the symbols other than Cho Ku Rei any more without a refresher look at them, and learning to draw them was the single most difficult part of the training for me by far.

    I suppose it’s not surprising, given all that, that I’ve never had any interest in all the other symbols that have proliferated. I think at heart I’m a reductionist. 🙂 I look at a new symbol and think, “[Traditional symbol] and intent can already do that.” I think that might be different for me if I were wired differently; verbal/literary and cultural symbols vibrate very strongly with me, while visual ones often don’t. The only course I ever flunked out of in my entire school career, nursery to graduate, was Art Awareness. Tell me what’s there and I’ll see it immediately, and probably connect it with 14 other things, but I’ll never see a visual symbol on my own.

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    1. Evening Maia! Reiki was a lovely healing system to start with, it set me on my path. I love experimenting and finding ways to enhance my work.

      The music suite by Akshara Weave sounds interesting, I will check out her work. Thank you for the suggestion!


      1. I’m pretty sure AW is a they; I really don’t know much about that other than the music is amazing. You can get a listen on YT; quality recordings are more than worth the money, though.

        I learned Reiki and Pranic Healing almost simultaneously, so I think a lot of them bled into each other, and I ended up simplifying what was fussiest about each, which was a huge boon to bringing all of it to fofo later on.

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  3. “I may use a white candle for purity of thought. Rose petals for self-love and healing, Rosemary to bring clarity, Apache Tears to clear negative energies and a few other correspondences of choice.” – I am feeling an evening in my Brilliance Within hut in the garden using all these symbols – I’m going to get my sister on the case as I think we are both in need of this release of negative energy to be replaced with some positive calming energy at the moment. Thanks so much for inspiring! x

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      1. It is a very spiritual space. It was originally in my sister’s garden next door where she used it for all her spiritual activities and then she ‘donated’ it to me last year and it moved into my garden but came with that sense of spirituality remaining… I love it! x

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