Celestite or Celestine is a delicate pale blue colour, like a chunk of cooling sea ice glinting on the southern seas.

I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous sample in a crystal shop a few miles from me. It has crystals on both sides of a thin matrix and looks incredible when a light is shone through it.

Celestite is said to be a high vibration stone which in this case means its energy may help you connect with those on a higher vibration such as guardian angels and those of pure light. It is also said to help with psychic development, which kind of makes sense. I would suggest using a protective stone as well such as Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline when working with Celestite. Program your chosen protective stone and put it between your feet to keep you grounded and in your protected space*.

I like to have this stone as a correspondence companion in my lap when using anything angel related such as oracle cards. Its light blue colour means it is perfect for use with the throat chakra and communication so I use it on my throat chakra when meditating if I would like some advice on a problem and would like some insight from spirit.

It is said this is a perfect stone for counteracting night time ruminations. When your mind is turning and you can’t sleep you may find the energy of this stone works well to bring about a calmer mind and crystal clear thinking. It is also said to enhance dreams and I have had a couple of quite vivid dreams when I have experimented with this.

In my experience Celestite calms, soothes and gives clear thinking. It’s energy is gentle and divine. I cleanse this stone with sound energy and then put it on my windowsill a couple of hours before the sun goes down until the next morning to charge it. It should not be left in full sunlight.

Even sitting here with it now in my lap as I write about it I can feel its calming energy wash over me. It is actually making me rather too mellow for so early in the day, time for it to go back where it lives 🙂


* I imagine a spinning pyramid of pure white light around me when doing any sort of deeper, spiritual work. This pure, white light around my aura will only let positive energy of unconditional love enter my aura field and keeps any negative energy away. If you do use this stone to try and contact your guardian angel then do remember that anything you perceive from them will be positive in nature. Your true guardian angel will not speak to you in a negative way, they will not tell you to do anything especially anything which feels uncomfortable or wrong to you. Use your intuition and if it feels wrong then it is. If this happens then reaffirm your protective pyramid of light (or whatever method you are using) and come back to your space of pure light and positivity, blasting away any negativity mentally. Those who truly look out for us in the spiritual realm do so with unconditional love. Always.


19 thoughts on “Celestite”

    1. Thank you, Samantha.

      He might like to try Blue Calcite as well as it is very good for public speaking. It is lovely that your son has such an interest in crystals and reiki too (as you were telling me earlier)…good lad! I wish him the best in his career path too…it sounds as if he has a good connection to his emotions which is obviously ideal for an actor.

      Perhaps a pendant or a ring made of one of these crystals would be a marvelous talisman for him to wear during performances to bring confidence and good luck to his work…

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      1. Thank you! I shall pass your information on to him, I know we have blue calcite, so he’ll have to give it a go. He also favours labradorite, the “actor’s stone”-he has a labradorite and funnily enough, yesterday we were just looking at blue
        calcite and celestine jewellery in our local crystal shop as well…

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