Where’s Wally?



Being the very gorgeous grandmother that I am, I decided to use this completely naked selfie photo of me in the bath as my new Gravatar.

I am sporting the latest fashionable headwear for the respectable older woman around town and wafting in a sensual cloud of grapefruit and geranium. Check out those curves!

Anybody who thinks it is too risque had better shout now! The last thing I would want to do is embarrass myself…😀😀😀



20 thoughts on “Where’s Wally?”

  1. Now with all the visualisation and mindfulness meditations I’ve now got a ‘picture’ in my head that I’m really not sure I want there!! hahaha – hilarious! – Also I now have those ‘eyes’ in my head penetrating my soul….. and as for the shower cap – well totally ‘shocking’ – I’m never going to recover from this selfie! x

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      1. Hahaha – I’d gone into a state of ‘shock’ having ‘seen’ that image hence the delayed response….. I can see you fast asleep now – unlike myself who is still ‘disturbed’ by what I saw!!! hehehe xx

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      1. Well there you go then my ‘magic visualisation eye’ was working perfectly!! x Thanks for the lavender oil – I tried to make some last year but it didn’t work – I don’t think I must have used enough lavender as it didn’t really smell of anything… So thanks for a bit of yours – It helped me doze off for another hour..

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