Peppermint Tea and Other Boosters


This morning I picked some of the young leaves from the garden mint and made myself a pot of peppermint tea. I added a touch of honey and it was delicious. Why didn’t I do this regularly years ago?!

I am really enjoying experimenting with these teas straight from the garden. All the herbs are getting very well established out there and, so far, the slugs have behaved themselves. This could possibly be because they are far too lazy to tramp up the side of the railway sleepers to reach the raised bed or it could be because the bird table is nearby and they don’t want to risk becoming dinner themselves to an incoming bird. I hope I haven’t spoken too soon!

Talking of birds, our rescued pigeon from a few weeks back is surprisingly still about and raiding the bird table on a regular basis. I have seen him go and peck elsewhere so I am confident he isn’t relying on us completely for his supper. I am pretty sure it is him because he doesn’t seem to mind our presence mid-raid whereas the other pigeons all clear off sharpish when the dog starts his garden wanderings.

Tomorrow the hound goes for his booster injections after which he doesn’t usually speak to me in pleasant tones until he next wants feeding. I guess I would feel the same if I had sat there minding my own business, wagging my behind at an apparently friendly stranger, only to find I had been betrayed when I felt a sharp…well, yes, quite, you can see his point.

Still, as I said to the children when they were younger and were due for their health injections, it does stop you getting anything nastier. I don’t think that convinced them much at the time either.


11 thoughts on “Peppermint Tea and Other Boosters”

    1. Wasn’t my favourite either but the fresh stuff has such a delicate flavour I may be a new convert! Fennel I have yet to try but it is on the list and it just so happens we have some. I also put some of the ferns from last week’s harvest in the freezer so I might have a go with those 🙂

      We made our raised bed using a two deep wall of reclaimed railway sleepers and those very long screw things you would normally put in wood and then through to brickwork…about 5 inches long. Good bit of recycling there, I thank you! Then just filled it up to the top with topsoil and compost. It makes a nice bed to grow stuff in and also easy to reach to harvest and weed.

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