Thank You!


Now I have reached 100 followers I would like to give something back to you lovely folks who have already subscribed to my blog. That means if you were on my followers list as of yesterday then you can put your name in the hat!

In appreciation of you all I have decided to offer one free 30 minute long distance Reiki healing session to three of my current followers or a family member they nominate as long as that person has been informed and is willing (I will need their email address and will need to contact them directly).

To keep things confidential for those who enter simply send me your basic details as asked for in the below contact form and if your name is drawn out of the hat on Monday 18th July 2016 I will contact you for more specific details of your needs so I can personalise the session to you*.

Due to confidentiality, I won’t be announcing who received Reiki from me on any future post as this is a very personal interaction and will remain between myself and the recipient.

I have been working with Reiki universal energy since 1999 and I am trained officially to Level II. I do not charge money for any Reiki healings I do and I do not run any sort of business associated with it. Due to time restraints I can only offer three 30 minute sessions at this time. I will attempt to find a mutually convenient date and time of day but please bear in mind international time differences. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing when the healing energy is sent but it is obviously more of an occasion for you if you are able to relax whilst receiving it 🙂

* Reiki can support the healing process for mental and physical problems and as a loving, nurturing energy can do no harm. Although I must state, as we have to do these days from a legal standpoint, that any free distance Reiki healing treatment agreed between you and I is received at your own risk and that by entering this giveaway you agree you have accepted that risk unconditionally and without reservation.


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