Having A Bad Day? Yeah, Me Too!


I have had a trying time the last few days. I tell you this not to bring negativity to the blog but to simply say that I have. Having a bad day or a bad week can happen to all of us and I see no shame in standing up and being counted. I’m not depressed, nothing life shattering has happened, it is just the way it is. The same for many of you reading this as it is quite normal for many, if not all, of us!

No matter how spiritual we might be, no matter how productive or hardworking we are, sometimes a bad day just happens. A memory, a situation, a catalogue of frustrating problems. Sometimes all the coping mechanisms in the world which usually work just fine will sometimes fail us. We can roll with it, see it as a challenge to help us grow or we can internalise it and let it fester. I choose the former. I will perhaps have a light, mutual moan to my dearest friend and then I will roll with it. Stick it out and go get myself a herbal bath and a face mask.

Personally, I find it unrealistic when I read posts saying we should all be bright sparks of positivity 24/7 in front of others to maintain a social front. To me that is one of the major reasons why depression is still on the rise. Nor will I hide away everytime I feel emotionally challenged in case it offends someone who might be brought down by my mood. After all, as I see it, someone would have to be pretty emotionally challenged all the time themselves if their mood is so permanently altered by mine or anyone else’s…stones and glasshouses, anyone? 😉

So I say to all you guys and gals out there who are having a bad day…go with it, be kind to yourself, forget about appearances or feelings of shame…it will be over with much quicker without the extra guilt or worry attached.

Tomorrow is another day, another beautiful sunrise and another night to sleep on it and find the answers.

Never feel guilty for being you, for being honest about how you feel or for simply being human. Live life!


26 thoughts on “Having A Bad Day? Yeah, Me Too!”

  1. You are so right. I’ve spent the last 30 years reading, learning and living a positive life as best I can but there are moments, days, weeks even years where ‘life happens’ and somehow all the lessons you’ve learned seemed slightly beyond reach in the moment you need them… and yet other times you grasp them with both hands and ‘go with the flow’ of life….
    This is such an honest post and I’m hoping that you get the answers you need soon knowing that you have still managed to inspire regardless of the emotions present with you today… Take care of yourself – go and get one of the Aldi biscuits, a cup of your special tea and pamper yourself! Thank goodness for your great friend xx

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      1. Thank goodness – it’s ‘good to talk’.. I sincerely hope you really are feeling better soon with hormones back under control! It puts my ‘minor’ hiccup of a flooded kitchen today into perspective.. x


      1. No – I thought it was a blocked filter and stupidly undid the wrong bit and flooded the kitchen with ALL the water inside the machine – oops! Yes I was running round like a headless chicken grabbing throws of the settee (much to Dolly’s disgust as she got chucked off it with a very rude awakening) just so I could stop it running through the door and into the dining room (I didn’t succeed…) Thank goodness we’ve got laminate floors! The air was blue but fortunately only Dolly to hear it… “Don’t panic Mr Manwairing!!” ….

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    1. Ahh! Hope it didn’t do too much damage and love the Dad’s Army quote! Funny how some of these things stick with us years later.

      “Cup of tea and a slice of cake”
      “Aww I’ll do it later!”
      “Aww, Frank!”
      “Ooh you are naughty but I do like you!”
      “Shut that door!”


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  2. I agree! I see happiness as aspirational. Not something that is expected nor possible 24/7. I too have tough days. (The list is long.) But in the end (once they’ve passed) they eventually make the bright days brighter. In the meanwhile… feel the feels! And spoil yourself sweetie. You need to. 🌷💖

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    1. Thanks, Andrea. It’s so important for us to be able to acknowledge these bad days and not to beat ourselves up. I thought I would write a post to illustrate those of us who write about techniques to try and help and encourage others are not immune to those same bad days. As I often say in my posts – nobody is perfect 🙂

      And yes it has been a pamper evening here…I am now goddess like on the outside at least * lots of smiles*

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  3. Oh what wisdom here! Sometimes there is a disappointment and that is the natural way. I wonder sometimes if living in usually instant gratification doesn’t allow much experience in this area-so folks don’t end up thinking it is quite a dependable occurrence, and we ought to be sensible about it. Loved this!

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    1. The instant gratification factor is such a good point, I totally agree! There is far too much pressure to ‘have it all now’ and it’s all very much wrapped up in what failures we are if we don’t…I disagree with this viewpoint and say let’s keep it realistic.

      And, with that, I bid you goodnight from the UK…it is past midnight here and the pumpkin carriage has definitely got a whiff about it 😉

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  4. So true, so often we are told to get over it, be strong..etc. It is being strong recognizing your emotions and being present in them. If you try to push down a bad day, a hurt feeling, etc you are just drinking your own poison. As I say to some, its ok not to be ok, just don’t stay there for too long.

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  5. Yes! Life happens, those bad days happen, and good on you for recognizing we don’t have to be “love and light” all the time. But recognizing the situation for what it is, and knowing things change, make a big difference in dealing with it.

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