Herbal Course


I had been looking for an online herbal course for a while and came across one which had been under my nose for several weeks! One of my lovely followers, who is known as GrannyMoon online, does a very reasonably priced herbal course in three levels on her website. The first level consists of 10 lessons, one a week. I signed up for the first of the three levels a few days ago and had a lot of fun completing my first lesson. I sent it off today and will get feedback soon.

Here’s a short poem I wrote:

With dawn of day comes dew of morn,
The rising Sun renewed, reborn
Washed and crushed and bathed in bath,
Tingly, minty aftermath,
Cup and spoon and then to blend,
Stomach, headache there to mend.

Can guess the herb in question? *laugh*

I’m hoping the course will fine tune my herbal knowledge and also help me get even more out of our garden and our foraging expeditions.

Fun, hey?


16 thoughts on “Herbal Course”

    1. Thank you, Karen! It is indeed peppermint! *smile*

      I didn’t used to be fond of peppermint tea but using it straight out of the garden has changed my mind, find it really clears my head first thing, so I take a cup in the garden every day now when I am checking the plants and having a wander.

      I use the essential oil in a blend for headaches too, inhaling or directly applied to my temples, back of neck and forehead. The latter is not for everyone but in the midst of a migraine I will happily try anything if it helps 😀

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  1. Sounds like your having fun with this Ms Autumn.. Great to read all about it.. Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’ve got my Aunt staying over this week so time for blogging is going to be a bit limited over the next few days so just in case I don’t have chance to catch up – Have a great week! x

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