Are We Alone In The Universe?


If you have been lucky enough to be able to lay under the stars at night away from the bright lights of civilisation you will know how peaceful it can be to feel at one with the universe.

As I sat out under the stars last night I gazed up into the cloudless night sky with the heat of the day still very much in the air and contemplated our place in the Universe. The one thing we often ask is – Are we alone? My opinion has always been it would be very arrogant and more than a little foolish for us to think we are. The Universe is vast and somewhere out there are beings who are advanced enough to be doing exactly what we do and probably better.

Mention aliens and most people will think of Area 51 or the many reports of alien abductions but not many people really believe it is possible we may have already been visited. Do you? Personally I am not sure as I have had no direct experience but I can’t dismiss outright the possibility and feel comfortable with doing so.

In the last half century there have been so many reports which have been proved to be (or been determined as) hoaxes that any footage is now viewed with skepticism. But let us be clear here, even if someone had filmed a genuine alien ship in the sky it wouldn’t make any difference because it would soon be lost among the latest video uploads on YouTube of a more questionable nature. Until we see an actual extraterrestrial on TV standing with members of our governments we won’t accept it and, even then, some of us would have to come face to face with one ourselves to truly believe. Any footage which does get a bit more interest is simply explained away as a hoax, accepted by the majority and left at that.

There are reports of a no-fly zone in Antarctica which hides an alien base with interviews from ex-military personnel who claim to have seen unexplained phenomena, interviews with ex-military who claim to have been involved with extraterrestrials directly, reports of an extraterrestrial base on the Moon and even footage from the probe Juno which showed a large metallic object orbiting Jupiter above the Great Red Spot. Hoaxes or cover ups? An interesting interview is this one by an ex-CIA official who apparently decided to speak about what he had saw as he neared the end of his life. Truth or fiction?

The simple fact is we aren’t ready as a society to acknowledge the possibility of extraterrestrials existing  and the ‘powers that be’ know that. In the event friendly extraterrestrials bothered to make contact with a planet of humanoids so emotionally primitive as ourselves we wouldn’t hear about it officially. That is something I feel pretty sure about.

Nevertheless, I find it an intriguing subject and when I stare up at the night sky I feel we are not alone. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos, such as some of the ones of craft supposedly caught on camera by people on commercial flights, and I wonder. Some of them are clearly hoaxes, some of them give me pause. But none of us without direct experience really know, do we?

As an aside, I was discussing with my other half the other day about this very subject and I have to say after decades of being a fan of Star Trek I don’t think the appearance of a friendly alien would bother me much after the initial shock…I always thought Worf was quite handsome *big grin*…so thank you Mr Roddenberry for preparing some of us 😀

The one thing we can be sure of is this…there are no hostile extraterrestrials on our planet about to raid any of the meagre natural resources we have yet to plunder ourselves because then we would all know about it.

So sleep soundly, y’all *cue spooky sci-fi music* 😉


12 thoughts on “Are We Alone In The Universe?”

  1. Well – spooky – I’ve just been talking with my Aunty who’s staying over and hubby earlier this evening about this very subject and now on a quick catch up I’ve just read your post…. How strange that we’ve both been thinking about this over the last 24 hours! I think we have already been visited by something from somewhere out there previously… I remember seeing a film when I was about 11 years old at the cinema – it was the ‘B’ film (showing my age..) and it included aerial images of what looked like an ancient man made runway and photographs of Egyptian crowns which looked like complex electrical circuits etc. I think there are so many unexplained ‘wonders’ in the world that indicate some form of ‘extra terrestrial …. Yep – definitely makes you stop and think when you look up at the stars…xx

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