Nigella/Love In A Mist


An unexpected new resident has moved in to our garden this week. I believe this is a Nigella or Love In A Mist.

I vaguely remember we put a few seeds in a while back, the man of the house says two years ago! Suddenly it has sprung to life 🙂

I don’t think it is the ‘right’ Nigella to eat the seeds from but I am not sure so if anyone knows more then do tell!



12 thoughts on “Nigella/Love In A Mist”

    1. Morning Faye,

      Here is an article on Nigella sativa This is the type you can eat the seeds from. There is a black seed oil made from the seeds too and there is a fabulous hair recipe for hair loss using this oil somewhere in my library which I can find if anyone is interested.

      My plant is Nigella damascena and I am uncertain whether I can eat these ones or not. I am hoping someone with more knowledge than I will see this and let me know 🙂

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    2. Thank you, it is indeed, Faye. I’m just wondering if I can do anything with this particular one I have. These days I eye up every plant which appears with the idea of chewing on it if it won’t kill me…just to see what it tastes like and if I can use it medicinally or indeed in the cooking pot etc ;-D

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